Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center: A Jewel of Modern Architecture

Project Dachang National Palace is definitely a masterpiece of modern architecture.
Located in Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Langfang, Hebei province, the project is thought by the local government to be an iconic design, introducing Dachang’s particular culture and enhancing the soft power of the city.

Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center: A Jewel of Modern Architecture

The modern building is organized with multiple functions, serving not only as the recreation center of the city but the essential cultural site for the introduction of local religion and history as well.

This was a true challenge to the team through the special ethnic composition, historical context, religious belief, complex requirements of the site and the setting of a cultural landmark.

For the concept the Academician He Jingtang has also carried out his concept of “2 Views” and “3 Characters”, with the starting point of holistic view and sustainable development concept, fully considering regionalism, cultural, and epochal character of the architectural design. This is a poetic sanctuary that shows people both the brilliant Islamic culture and our vision for a better life.

Dachang County is a Muslim enclave near Beijing. To revive the Islamic culture and improve the quality of cultural life, the local government developed Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center, the modern complex integrating the functions of theatre, exhibition, convention and community center.

The design inspiration was based on the traditional mosque, this building subtly interprets the spatial structure of mosque with new materials and technologies.

The surrounding arches shrink into elegant curves from the bottom up, while the cambering petal-shaped arches of the reflection in the water look even more vivid and graceful. The dome with petaloid shells and creatively transform the interior space into a semi-exterior roof garden flooded with sunshine, fresh air, and vegetation.

Photographs: Yao Li



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