Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas – Part I

Take a look at a great selection of the most unique design ideas in the world featuring a highly curated online exhibit of contemporary design, renowned designers, and immersing cutting-edge newcomers. This article will present you some of the best design galleries, artists, fairs & exhibitions, and contemporary design. It will also show you a broadcast of International design shows, preview gallery showings and guide you thru the most important breakthroughs in contemporary design ideas.

Here is a list of 30 rare and unique design ideas, divided into two parts for better enjoyment.


Venus Mansion by Lee Seoul

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Venus Mansion takes viewers on a colorful surreal journey that explores art, history and the hilarity of mass consumerism. Sol combines traditional solemn and regal symbols such as the Buddha and European marble sculptures with gaudy accessories and backgrounds to create a fascinating and thought-provoking collection of pictures.


Labyrinth of Keys by Chiharu Shiota

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

More than 50,000 keys hanging from a cloud of tightly interwoven string, the web of threads turns the roof into a complex and elaborate labyrinth of materials, forming an undulating path for which viewers to traverse beneath. The installation seeks to explore the notion of memory, using tens of thousands of keys collected from people across the globe in its realization.


Ceramic Coral Reef by Courtney Mattison

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

The sprawling installation is entirely hand-built and is meant to show the devastating
transition coral reefs endure when faced with climate change, a process called bleaching.



Wooden Chair by Marc Newson

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

This is a small armchair that can provide a seating element or sculptural art piece to
any space. The beautiful flowing lines of the bent wood allow your curiosity to run wild,
questioning the very sturdiness of the piece. Don’t be fooled by the thin lines, the natural
beech heartwood provides all the support necessary to stay and lounge for a while.


Transcend Luxury Furniture

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Design studio Atelier D’Amis’ inaugural collection, ‘Laisse Beton’, was inspired by the eternal construction sites of New York City. Founded by a trio of friends: furniture entrepreneur Philippe Boccara, designer and artist Sebastien Leon and interior architect Valerie Pasquiou, the New York and Los Angeles-based studio wants their design to transcend luxury furniture, becoming points of conversation for the home.


Tiovivo Animal-shaped Play Equipment by Jaime Hayón

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Children can crawl into the rear end of a wooden pig when visiting this playground
installation by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.
Constructed from wood, the pieces are designed to be climbed over and clambered inside – providing an area for children to play.


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Extreme and Impossible Sculptures by Diana Al-Hadid

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Her sculptures, panels and drawings often reference “art from centuries past.” Al-Hadid
also sources conceptual ideas and imagery from literature, history, anatomy, architecture,
cosmology, and physics. Her work blurs the boundaries between figuration and abstraction.


Sculptural Familiar Objects by Michael Beitz

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Beitz combines furniture design and meticulous craftsmanship with conceptual sentiments. in his construction of distorted domestic objects such as folded tables and knotted sofas. By looking at the cultural significance of household furniture, the artist limits each item’s ability to serve as a site of social interaction, instead of turning familiar objects into spaces of alienation and solace.


Fully Functioning 3D Printed Stainless Steel Bike

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

The bicycle named Arc, was designed by a team of students from the Delft University of
Technology in the Netherlands. The project took three months to complete, working together with MX3D in Amsterdam, to print the bike using multi-axis robotic arms as 3D printers.


The Slowest High-Speed Images

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

In his work, Swiss visual artist Fabian Oefner likes to bring together the fields of art and
science. Creating stunning images that capture events normally invisible to the human eye, his creation process usually involves phenomena such as sound waves, centrifugal forces, iridescence, fire and even magnetic ferrofluids, which aim to expose the beauty hidden in the minute and fleeting aspects of the world around us.


Sound of Power by Petro Wodkins

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

The speaker is a contemporary reincarnation of these classical objects combining striking
visual and audio qualities. This completely awkward new genre will feature powerful people who march to the beat of their own metaphorical drums. The debuts model of the 2015 series is Vladimir Putin.


Balloon Coffee Table

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I
Christopher Duffy of Duffy London, working with the concept of levitation and buoyancy
creates The UP Balloon Table. This table is constructed using toughened glass, metal resin
composite, and toughened steel rods. The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression of a glass table top being suspended by either red, gold and silver balloons.


Modern Betula Chair by Apical Reform

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

This chair has a sinuous structure made entirely out of birch ply, is an example of fluid
deconstructivism that is pleasing aesthetically and comforting ergonomically.


Geometric Living Light by Nissa Kinjalina

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

This contemporary lamp that appears as a diaphanous container, in which the light was
poured. It can be carried as a handbag with light and may be of completely different sizes.


Karma by Do Ho Suh 

Get Inspired with Unique Design Ideas - Part I

Suh takes his background in art and design and applies it in making thought-provoking sculptures and installations that center around such themes as personal versus private space and displacement, or what it truly means to be home. He’s one of the today’s global artists who uses his life experiences to make us think about the physical and abstract idea of home.



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