Top Hospitality Design Projects To See In 2017

Designed for living and for business, hospitality serves two leaders—the customers and the investors. The art and science of design approach are to balance their needs in ways that honor the laws of attraction at every price point—building brand loyalty, buzz, and happiness.

Discover the top Hospitality design projects for you to be amazed and, who knows, see them personally during 2017.


 Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Hospitality


One of the most luxurious hotels in Barcelona its lobby has a modern décor that invites in, the hotel lobby furniture is simple and in white and combines with the urban environment of Barcelona.


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Studio M Hotel Singapore

This modern hotel is notorious because of its creativity and the beautiful hotel lobby lighting design ensuring a unique hotel experience and there is no doubt that all guests love it.


Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou has an impressive decor and all the details of the hotel interior design is an amazing experience to all guests, offering a perfect stay in one of the most modern and spacious hotels of the city.


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Boscolo Hotel Exedra, Nice

Distinctively modern this lobby is supreme because of its style and uses treelike and scattered light across the wall creating a futurist environment.


The St Regis Shenzhen, China

With a visionary style, modern design and beautiful decoration turn this hotel a unique experience and freshness.


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The Lola Hotel NYC


This hotel lobby design has a classic décor that really adapts to the vibrant city of New York City; from the moment you enter you feel that you are in a place of sophistication and luxury.


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