Best Interior Design Projects by Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is one of greatest interior design inspirations of all times. Her home projects are an unbelievable source of luxury interior design ideas that can motivate you to get great home interiors.


Hoppen‘s idea is to give the most personalized and proper interior for the client’s lifestyle. She assures that each interior is tailor-made to their requirement and delivers the best on every aspect. The best thing about Kelly Hoppen’s interiors is the blend of practicality and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that accentuates the environment.

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To acknowledge the exceptional work she has produced over the years, today, we choose to show you our selection of 10 Interior Design Projects by Kelly Hoppen to inspire you.



The number one on our list of the Top 10 Best Interior Design projects by Kelly Hoppen is this incredible traditional home in New York.  It kinda takes us back to a movie set, with its vintage, mid-century modern style. And let’s be totally honest with you, the circular dark staircase in the back, says it all.



Hoppen‘s selection of velvet was a great choice for this project. The combination of neutral hues adding a few yellow tones makes this living room a sophisticated and luxurious place to be. It can be easily noticed the delicate yet bold design of each furniture, resulting in an overall modern look.


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Hera Suspension Lamp



This interior design project by Kelly Hoppen was set in Hong Kong and has a lot of personality in it. The designer opts out for a neutral color pallet ranging from whites and dark browns, but this time, joined two incredible, dazzling lighting pendants reaching out from the ceiling to provide a much bolder look.



This project is incredible due to Hoppen’s courageous move it took to create it. Most designers are afraid to combine textures and shapes, and this living room is the true synonym of chaos in the most positive way.  To actually have a good result when combining different styles and aesthetics is not easy, and this room looks extremely pulled together.


chalet switzerland

This elegant Chalet in Switzerland is a Kelly Hoppen’s beautiful interior design home decoration. The gray tones provide a calm and graceful ambiance to the living room.


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Dubai became even more incredible with this interior design project by Kelly Hoppen. The diversity of shapes and aesthetics in this hotel room is beyond incredible. The architecture and design join together in perfect balance, resulting in a bigger scale work of art. Once again, the designer joined hues such as light brown, white and black to create an elegant feel.



This amazing space continues to surprise us with beautiful stylish chairs and modern design center tables.



Heading over to the wonderful city of Mumbai, Hoppen decided to provide a more daring, passionate look for this interior design project. Lodha Estrella has a gorgeous, elegant look that once again, combines neutral colors such as black and white with a few statement red pieces of home decor to liven it up a bit.


kelly hoppen

White on white makes the beauty of this interior design project by Kelly Hoppen. The designer opts out for a minimal, classy look that emerges with the incredible natural landscapes of Barbados.


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