Outstanding Home Design Ideas By Gérard Faivre

Gérard Faivre is a French concept creator of revolutionary art homes. The designer conceives fully renovated, ready to live, and prestigious apartments for sale. He combines maximum pleasure with minimum effort. Inspired by the interior decor sets by the Second Empire, Faivre confesses that he imbues himself with the soul of each property and that each project is a unique piece of art.

Gérard Faivre, recognized as one of the best contemporary interior designers, created the concept Gérard Faivre Residence, apartments, and luxury properties completely renovated, furnished and decorated with fully integrated hotel services. To create an original work of art, Faivre imbues himself with the soul of each property. For him, each site is both a blank canvas and a source of inspiration.

Gérard Faivre

In this article, we will be exposing a variety of home design ideas developed by Gérard Faivre that will certainly be helpful in some way whenever you are remodeling your home decor or doing an interior design project.


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Nothing is left to chance in Gérard Faivre’s selection of prestigious neighborhoods, designer sofas and paintings by masters. Quality is a must, and even the smallest details are painstakingly chosen. While furniture is a passion, renovation is his true forte. Transforming an old, often run-down apartment into a prestige home is one of Gérard Faivre’s main talents. As with home décor, he makes his choice of electronic and home automation equipment with the greatest of care. For him, aesthetics are as important as practicality: an apartment is and should remain, first and foremost, a place to live.

To create an original work of art, Gérard Faivre imbues himself with the soul of each property. For him, each site is both a blank canvas and a source of inspiration. Depending on the place’s atmosphere, the artist determines the perfect layout, which he then compliments it with artwork, bespoke creations, and vintage details.

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Gérard Faivre Paris proposes to his clients a possibility of moving into an extraordinary home without the usual burdens. He goes as far as offering a concierge service worthy of the best luxury hotels in Paris.

It often takes more than two years, looking for a property and then acquiring, renovating and decorating it, before the owners can take full advantage of their new home. Gérard Faivre aims to reduce this time frame to no more than two months, which is why his creations are all sold ready to move in.



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The designer is always looking for new designs and new brands that represent the luxury with which he can collaborate and use in his projects. Working with DelightFULL was a great experience. The brand is presented in the living room lighting with pieces like Ike Suspension Lamp above the dining table, Hendrix Wall Lamp above the sofa in the living room and also Donna Table Lamp in the fireplace.

This collaboration between Gérard Faivre and DelightFULL turned out to be a very special, colorful and high-end residential project.

With Donna table lamp by Delightfull

This noble and elegant piece boasts a patterned composition of straight brass tubes in rhythm with the irregular shades of the Estremoz white marble, defining the jazzy saxophone melody creating a beautiful match for the classiest environments. Donna table is the luminaire inspired by the Donna Lee melody, played by the most nostalgic jazz composers such as Jaco Pastorius and Mile Davis. The warm light passing through the golden tubes makes every sitting room cozy and charming.

With Hendrix wall lamp by Delightfull

Inspired by the nostalgic vinyl player and a tribute to all blues, especially to one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 70´s: we present you Hendrix wall lamp. This singular mid-century modern light fixture captures your attention letting you the retro feeling of the acoustics of the Hendrix guitar and reminding us of the high fidelity audio reproductions, the acoustic sound passing to a melody of beautiful effects and reflections, created with tree symmetric light sources, casting a perfect caustic phenomena reflected that gives life to any living interiors.

With Ike suspension light by Delightfull

 Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black, Ike suspension fixture truly embodies what a Delightfull piece is -an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. Highly recommended to use with a dimmer switch to cast a smoother light, this fixture can also be done in different shapes and dimensions to perfectly fit your setting.


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