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AvroKO has established a new paradigm in the industry, encompassing a multitude of disciplines and creating thoughtful, provocative architecture, brands, products, and environments. Since its launch, AvroKO has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative design firms in the field, due in large part to the group’s self-styled storytelling, integrated design process and focus on creating transformative experiences.

Top Interior Designers: AvroKO Design ProjectsArchitecture and interior design lie at the heart of the firm. Avroko built a reputation for concept-driven spaces that resonate with guests because every element relates to a central narrative. AHG works with some of the world’s most visionary restaurateurs, Chefs, Mixologists, Sommeliers, Spirits, Beer and Wine Brands, Real Estate Developers and Brokers, Hotel and Resort Developers and Operators.


Designed as a haven, respite and gathering place for urban explorers, the new Arlo brand was conceptualized and designed by Brand Bureau, and the hotel interiors were designed by its sister firm AvroKO.

Each Arlo hotel boasts a multitude of public spaces – including a music room where guests can explore tunes from a variety of eras and genres – which are built to accommodate a flurry of activities throughout the day.

Guests can socialize and relax, work and meet, or dine and drink in the common spaces, connecting with other guests. The compact, efficient, and carefully-considered guest room designs feature warm, high-touch materials and clever elements like fold-down desks and closets with adjustable hanging pegs, which anticipate the needs of guests.


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Based on the concepts of simplicity and transparency, they focused on bringing a conscious approachability to the design coupled with the use and celebration of natural materials for Barry Sternlicht’s first solo hotel project with Starwood Capital Group.

AvroKO was able to embrace the pre-existing remnants of the building’s architecture, including exposed concrete ceilings and floors, steel columns and beams, and terracotta block masonry walls.

Natural materials were brought into space in their raw form including woods and textiles, celebrating their original markings, veining, knots, and color variation.

Locally-sourced materials were used wherever possible, including a salvaged water tank wood branded with its source used to encapsulate the wall behind the bed, as well as river stones, plant species, linen screens, and leathers all produced upstate.



With the aim of carving out a generous amount of negative space in a city where breathing room is hard to come by, the top interior designers kept the design of this three-story penthouse apartment in downtown Manhattan purposefully spare.

A natural palette of materials (Belgian-oak floors, white marble countertops) pairs soothingly with vintage furnishings in organic forms.

The living room features 1950s Brazilian chairs and a biomorphic wood bench, while the dramatically sparse dining room holds only a rosewood table and eight George Nakashima chairs.

A Massachusetts maker supplied the old-fashioned heavy window glass; the wide-plank floors in the bedroom were reclaimed from an Alabama gin factory.



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The food hall and café in this innovative tech giant’s San Francisco office serves as the organization’s heartbeat.

Designed by AvroKO and channeling the idea of “neighborhoods” within the office to bring people together, space was designed to be multipurpose, equally appropriate for dining, meetings, brainstorms and more.

Taking inspiration from one of the company’s mottos, “sweat the details,” the design focuses on small features and individually crafted furniture and lighting to transform moods and create a flexible space.



The team found its inspiration for the design of Single Thread in husband and wife team and owners, Kyle and Katina Connaughton. In understanding that a restaurant is not only a place to eat but also a functioning studio for its craftsmen, AvroKO created a dining experience that is akin to spending an evening with Kyle and Katina in their personal workshop, where diners are given the opportunity to both observe the artistic process and enjoy its end product.

Elements of the ‘studio’ are found throughout the dining room: silverware is stored in one of seven hand-numbered drawers that label which course it is used for; ceramic vessels found in various storage units appear to be decorative until the Chef fetches them for a specific course during the night; a glass terrarium serves as both a beautiful visual and a workspace for Katina to build nightly flower displays.

Odes to the couple’s love for farming, gardening, and molecular gastronomy can also be found throughout the space.

Woven patterns within the dining room screens reference DNA sequencing of common kitchen herbs like basil and shallots, while a rooftop fountain has a series of stepped recesses and grooves based on golden sections and naturally occurring scientific proportions which catch water and alter the flow.

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