Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects

Curiosity is a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, created by French designer Gwenael Nicolas. The studio is constantly redefining the boundary of the design, from interior design to architecture and product design. Not in an abstract way but realistically by collaborating with a large spectrum of companies and clients, to create new products, develop new materials and define new design identities.

Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects Curiosity has helped redefine the shopping experience through his interactive and avant-garde interiors for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana, creating boutiques that transport consumers to the next level.

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Dolce & Gabbana Flagship Store,Tokyo

Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects

The luxury giant fashion house Dolce & Gabbana recently opened the doors to its new boutique design store in Aoyama, Tokyo. The innovative design project delivered by Gwenael Nicolas and his practice Curiosity conceived a new concept store focused on the theme “light & shadow”, with strong connection between the structure, product and materials through beautiful light effects of concealing and revealing, bold contrasts and special perspectives.

Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects

Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects

The boutique is a unique concept space dedicated to Tokyo and the Orient. Gwenael was asked to bring the creative soul of Dolce & Gabbana and its Sicilian roots. The boutique has over 550 square meters and both the architectural design and décor bring Sicily’s distinctive luminosity through dramatic effects. Four hundred ceiling spotlights move around in a theatrical mood, switching on and off, making the products systematically burst with color or stay in the shadow.

Top Interior Designers: Curiosity by Gwenael Nicola Design Projects

The undisputed feature of this new boutique is the large gold staircase, as it not only stands out like a giant candle in the middle of the store, it also transmits a sense of strength and confidence. The store exterior is lavishly dressed in Arabescato marble, a rich material that also fills the interior side of the windows and the display cases for small leather goods. Black carrico marble was used for the majestic signage panel above the main entrance.

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Fendi’s biggest Flagship store in their original city, Rome. Palazzo has just been ambitiously reconceived and refurbished as a six floor cultural, retail, and entertaining center for the brand and its lucky clients. The Palazzo Fendi includes an enormous two-floor shop designed by Gwenael Nicolas.

At the entrance, the staircase in red marble connects the two floors in a large void that opens-up across the center of the building. Its design inspired by the Italian renaissance is modernized with the use of materials like the silver leaves on mirror on the ceiling. The stairs feels like the stone is in wave, that moves within the travertine walls.

The contrast of traditional materials like antique marble is reinterpreted into contemporary patterns. The icons of the brand will be presented along series of carefully designed sequences, fur room, ready to wear, accessories, each with unique features and meticulously selected materials.”

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Dolce & Gabbana Fagship Store, Milan

The location is a 19th century aristocratic palazzo, this project reflects the brand’s DNA and its much-loved inspiration of Baroque, but also intended to have a solid dose of modernity the signal of creative trajectory of the Italian fashion house. The color palette is precisely layered, rich in detail, and harmonizing the past and the future at the same time.

The lava stone flooring has been a signature element of Dolce & Gabbana aesthetic, but it’s now paired with elements that elevate the interior to the next level. The white ceiling, is reminiscent of the 60s, and features lighting that illuminates the collections. The ceiling on the top floor takes it up a notch, mixing technology and classicism by way of three-dimensional metal panels that create a pattern, and quite spectacularly, it’s even able to descend with an automated mechanism to form special rooms within the space.

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