2017’s Home Design Trends

The design community estimates the trends, design looks, products and methods that they think will be big in the new year. From sophisticated wallpapers to a new take on luxury, see what nine top designers think will be trendy in 2017.


1. Wallpaper


“Wallpaper has undergone the biggest reinvention of the 21st century. With bold new designs and technology, soon there will barely be a home in the country that doesn’t incorporate this trend. As a decorator, wallpaper is the ultimate trick to transport a room into a fantastical statement, and it makes a major punch without a major spend. We will surely see wallpapering as a trend in 2017.” – Martyn Lawrence Bullard, of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Inc.

2. Shades of Green

w green

“While Pantone just named ‘Greenery’ as its color of the year, we also have started to use similar shades of green in our projects. We feel the color is representative of fresh beginnings and works well with organic textures. Above, we used bright spring green lacquer with a bar wrapped in a blackened steel frame and adjacent whitewashed knotty pine walls.” – Joe Nahem, of Fox-Nahem Associates.

3. Understated Luxury


“We see an appreciation of luxury that is quiet, understated, and personal gaining momentum in 2017. Our clients want their residences to feel luxurious but also welcoming, warm, and most importantly, authentic. This means creating spaces that feel highly personal with a piece of original art, beautiful accessory, bespoke lighting or custom furnishing. Anything that is truly loved is a luxury that will always bring joy. We designed the room above to include items that our clients fell in love with to create a luxurious retreat for their family and friends.” – Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design Inc.

4. Eclectic Style & Global Influences


“I feel like more and more the world of design is going eclectically global. Design does not just have to be one dimensional and themed by a specific genre of influence. In 2017, I feel interiors will become even more layered with contrasting elements and periods of style.” – Ohara Davies-Gaetano, of Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors


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5. Parchment, Raffia & Rattan


“Dyed parchment is a big trend that will be in our interiors. We are also using it in several pieces from our first capsule collection, which we will be launching next year. We’re also seeing a lot of raffia and rattan coming through on chairs. Sika-Design, a Danish company, is especially worth taking a look at for this trend. Overall, what stands out for 2017 is the Scandinavian design companies. In both lighting and furniture, a more relaxed look is on its way!” – Karen Howes, of Taylor Howes

6. Open, Communal Layouts


“Open, communal living spaces where friends and families gather to eat, converse, write, work, entertain and be entertained, and even sleep, will continue to gain popularity as a way to get comfortable in a world of rapidly accelerating changes. The handmade, the textural, the artisanal and the collected will trump sleekness in 2017. In the open loft dining space above, a Portuguese farm table keeps company with hardy, custom swivel chairs, a rustic bench, a rug picked up in Morocco and a Jean Prouvé industrial light fixture (unseen) that adds just the right touch of understated cool to this multi-purpose gathering hub.” – Katie Leede, of Katie Leede & Company

7. A Stronger Mix of Traditional & Modern


“An appreciation for antiques is definitely on the rise with a younger generation. I believe that in 2017 we’ll be incorporating antique and vintage pieces more into modern designs, creating beautiful, layered settings.” – Neal Beckstedt, of Neal Beckstedt Studio

8. Acrylic & Lucite Furniture


“In 2017, I hope to see transparency as a trend in home design as well as in the world at large. Acrylic and lucite bring a sense of order and weightlessness, which is seen in the Lotus Coffee Table above that we designed for Plexi-Craft. The construction allows you to display items inside the table without cluttering the top.” – Ed Ku, of Coffinier Ku Design

9. Purity and Clean Lines


“For 2017, I think the main trend will be a sense of purity with clean lines. We are looking to Japan for a sense of this in terms of architecture and interiors as well as in furniture. In terms of materials, there are two key elements for me, which are rooted in the 1920/30s Art Deco period: straw marquetry and rock crystal. Both offer a true sense of luxury and opulence to a surface.” – Francis Sultana


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