Back in Black With 10 Bathroom Design Ideas

Black is a classic and luxurious color, and when it comes to bathroom design, it is always a good and safe idea. From minimalist designs to contemporary bathrooms with the best furniture brands, there are plenty of options for you to decorate your luxury bathroom. Take a look at this 10 selection of 10 black luxury bathroom design ideas and get inspired.
Back in Black
Maison Valentina is a luxury bathroom design company that can help you giving you great ideas. TheLapiaz Bathtub is definitely a statement piece for the most luxurious bathrooms.
Maison Valentina
Back in Black
Black is a strong color. That’s why you can just choose a black marble floor, contrasting with white walls and mirrored elements.
10 Black Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas   (6)
 This minimalistic bathroom design has an exclusive look thanks to black tiles covering the walls and also the bathtub.

A wooden bathtub contrasts quite well with black elements. Back in Black

Here we can see the opposite situation. A rustic wooden floor contrasting with a black and exclusive bathtub. Back in Black

Minimalist black design for modern bathrooms. Back in Black
Maison Valentina represents a unique design concept in the luxury bathroom market, offering the same comfort and luxury that you are able to feel in other room division, keeping an exclusive and bold design.
Back in Black

When choosing a black theme for a bathroom, lighting is an important element to consider. This Brubeck wall lamp by Delightfull is an instant classic sculptural design. An extravagant shape full of refinement and modernity.Delightfull

Back in Black


Modern bathroom with industrial style doesn’t have to be boring. Just pick the right elements and display them in a harmonious way.

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