Boca do Lobo Reinvents Chesterfield Style With an Iconic Sofa

If a piece of furniture is well designed, it will be in style forever. These are the pieces that you would want to purchase because they will never go out of style and they won’t cut back in value. The Chesterfield is one of that iconic pieces, it’s eternal, and nothing says stylish like this sofa.


Acquiring this iconic piece is acquiring a part of history. As it turns out, the sofa has been around much, much longer than we have. No one really knows its accurate roots, but it is thought that Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, first commissioned the tufted leather sofa in the early 1700s. The aim was to allow a gentleman to sit easily straight without crumpling his vestment. Lord Phillip Stanhope was an arts supporter known for his influential tastes, and this sofa was a trend that caught on.



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The Classic Chesterfield

So what precisely describes this sofa? The Oxford dictionary defines as, “A sofa with padded arms and a back of the same height and curved outward at the top.” The dictionary is just right; the entire back of the sofa is one height and curls backward, which you can see in the arms. The back and sides are characterized by the sophisticated and excessive tufting which gives it that royal look.


And now, Boca do Lobo reinvents the Chesterfield style with an iconic sofa – the NU Chesterfield armchair.


NU Chesterfield armchair, is Boca do Lobo’s tribute to England’s most iconic armchair. The inspiration of this classic leathered sofa is rooted back in 1800’. It’s curved arms, the intricate details and the classic lines with a modern reinterpretation will make this piece a timeless decorative item. The sofa is sure to endure for centuries to come, a confident piece of furniture to complement even the luxurious interiors.

Maison et Objet 2017 MO17 BOCA DO LOBO (47)

Often when you think about this stunning furniture piece, you imagine a man cave, a smoking room, or perhaps a mahogany library. Though the sofa did originate specifically for men, today those curvy couches can match the most feminine of decors. So don’t let it’s origins keep you from enjoying the sofa even if your décor is feminine.

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