Inspirational Ebooks That Will Improve Your Design Projects

Boca do Lobo has the pleasure to bring you some of the most inspirational ebooks to help you with your design projects. Sometimes is really difficult to find the lack of inspiration, and when that happens we wish for some incredible design tools to help us with our design inspirations problem.

We are certain that with our help will get your mind full with amazing design inspirations and you will not have this problem never again. We hope that you love our curated selection of inspirational ebooks.


100 Modern Dining Tables

Get inspired by a range of styles that goes from hyper-luxury, with a limited edition gold plated dining table, to the quintessential Mid-century modern. If you are looking for a specific style, it will be there. The same for materials, from the finest marble to wood, from lacquer to metal. Not to mention sizes: round, square, narrow, rectangular, oversized!


100 Modern Consoles Tables


We call it modern console tables because without doubts our selection distinguished from others because of its original shapes, and materials. We´ll also give you ideas on how to decorate your console table and how to take the best of it! We follow all the trends and we´ll show you console tables from the best designers and luxury brands, always with luxury decor ideas from the best interior design projects.

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100 Home Decor Ideas

Every room needs to be decorated with passion and style. Indeed, every room has its own features that need to be taking into account when decorating a modern home. Sometimes choosing the right color, the best textures or the perfect piece of furniture is not easy but Home Décor Ideas aims to give you the best tips to make your home unique and exclusive.


100 Must See MasterBedroom Ideas


When we think about decorating a bedroom, at the first place we think about typical bedroom furniture: bed, nightstands, dressing tables… From the most classic pieces to the bolder ones, there are many types of beds for your design bedroom. And Bedroom Ideas wants to be your first source of research whenever you need inspiration for your next project. Here you will find out the latest bedroom furniture pieces by the best international designers and luxury brands because these design furniture pieces are an essential element for luxury bedroom interiors.


100 Modern Buffets And Cabinets

Keep the balance between the very cutting edge of the design scene without losing touch of practicality and function of relevant furniture pieces is a tough task. Every single room has a storage need, where a contemporary cabinet or modern buffet can certainly be fitted. Buffets and Cabinets’ goal is to provide readers with a variety of solutions, from a special selection of pieces which fit practical and aesthetic requirements. In summary, the ultimate selection of the best of cabinet design.

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Coffee & Side Tables Ideas for Your Living Room

Coffee and side tables are one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your home. But which one is best suited to your needs and style? The Coffee and Side Tables blog is the perfect source to answer that. This special item of furniture says more about our lives than we probably think. Discover 60 different suggestions and choose the ideal piece for you. Having the head spinning because you don’t know what to choose won’t be a problem anymore.

Pieces With History


Boca do Lobo is a Portuguese design brand that is turning the furniture industry on its head. Introducing a time-defying vision towards our aesthetic, and pushing a new dimension of detail, we strive towards changing the whole game. Our creations and work demonstrate the excellence of forgotten arts, using materials and techniques that are partly traditional and partly evolutionary, never leaving behind an experimental edge with a forward thinking outlook.

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