Masquespacio Designed a Furniture Collection for Houtique

Award-winning creative consultancy design firm Masquespacio has designed a furniture collection for ’houtique’ – Arco Collection.

Masquespacio has dallied in furniture design, as well as imagining complete interiors. Their freshest object-based project is a microcosm of the power and joy that permeates their job. Arco is a modest collection produced for Houtique, a brand that creates its own products but also enables like-minded artists from time to time.

Encouraged by the 70s, Arco consists of a couch and a set of two stools and a small table. The design is encouraged by a sequence of curves formed in bright yellow steel tubing. A bespoke velvet designed by Houtique includes the foam seats.

An approximately faded-looking powder pink presents a variation to the hard yellow and adds a classic vintage touch to the pieces. The luxury furniture could quickly become the focal point of any interior it is placed in, providing its surroundings to develop a simple backdrop.

‘It is especially interesting to see how combining a cold and industrial material like a metal is converted in an attractive and emotional design through soft forms with vivid colors.’ explain the designers at Masquespacio. ‘using a velvet produced and commercialized by houtique, it has been the intention to add a touch of warmth to the design, maintaining an authentic aspect.’


Composed by a couch, chairs, tables and high stools this new furniture collection designed by the top interior designers, Masquespacio is built up, as its name in Spanish symbolizes, from various rounded arches that form a clever play of patterns.


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