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This Top Interior Designers Manchester list is a reflection of the city’s reinvention from an industrial past into a trend-setting future. Manchester is home to one of the most exquisite arts and textiles collections, as well as a variety of art museums, all of this culminating in the city’s great post-industrial cultural identity. These designers contribute to the reinforcement of this unique identity.

1. Amy Newton Interiors

Amy Newton is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces tailored to suit her clients’ personal needs and style. Her belief is that everyone’s home should be a reflection of their personality and lifestyle and act as their sanctuary.

2. Archetype Interior Design

Archetype Interior Design is a unique interior design practise specialising and assisting in the development and realisation of architectural and interior design projects regardless of scale or depth. With over a decade and a half of experience working as a team in architectural interior design, their approach to each project is tailored uniquely to each client’s expectations. They work with a full palette of materials including natural stone, glass, metals, natural timber and veneer.

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3. Avalana Design

At Avalana it’s all about creating truly stunning, hand-painted designs for boutique style interiors. Each print is designed to encapsulate the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and seeks to inspire a sense of wonderment and escapism to the viewer.

4. Bespoke Living by Design

Bespoke Living by Design specialises in interior design consultancy aiming to impart its vast knowledge, experience and enthusiasm into design-driven projects. The Studio aims to instil the client with the confidence to achieve and fulfil their initial vision with optimal results. They embrace variety and like to solve problems and to unlock a property’s true potential.

5. Carroll Design

Top Interior Designers Manchester Carroll Design

Carrol Designs is an internationally renowned Interior Architecture practice. They have the mission of delivering value to customers by creating practical and original designs to meet their expectations. Whether the project requires design expertise on residential, leisure, retail, office or any other projects, this practice aims to provide answers and solutions. Carroll Design wishes to create designs tailored to their clients’ requirements and expectations.

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6. Carnival Interiors

Top Interior Designers Manchester Carnival Interiors

Carnival Interiors is the project of an award-winning interior designer who is passionate about colour, pattern, textiles and original design. Carnival Interiors is about celebrating an environment. It’s about dressing up, adding character, being an individual and above all else making the place someone lives or works in as alive with personality as they are. From bohemian glamour to decadent maximalism, their colourful design is not about stripping back, it’s about making the absolute most of a spaces character and personality.

7. Claire Davies Interiors

Claire designs for homeowners and families, commercial property owners and people looking for unique & creative interior design. In 2016, Claire Davies formed what is now the most in-demand interior design company in Cheshire. Hundreds of houses have been transformed and countless commercial locations have been revitalised and given a new life.

8. Curve Interior Design

Top Interior Designers Manchester

Curve Interior Design is a studio “Built on a lifelong passion for design”. They specialise in modern, high-end residential interior design. Each of this studio’s projects has its own striking style and individuality. As a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), all of their work is carried out to the highest standard that membership of this body requires.

9. Design by UBER

Top Interior Designers Manchester

Formerly known as The Design Practice by UBER, this studio has built a world-class interior design agency over the last 10 years, creating bespoke interiors for the most discerning clients. Offering a full holistic design approach, this talented team of 14 highly skilled interior designers can realise any interior project, whether that be a Grade II listed dwelling, an ultra-modern apartment or a complete rebuild.

10. Fiona Watkins Design

Fiona Watkins Design lives, loves and breathes design. This studio’s blend of creative enthusiasm and professional know-how, delivered with their friendly approach, ensures beautiful and delightful results. As Creative Director, Fiona Watkins has worked in the industry for twenty years, having a background of working in hotels. The knowledge gained in this industry allows her to combine elegance and luxury with scale in her projects in private homes. Having previously lived in Holland, Fiona adds a touch of cutting-edge European design to her projects.

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11. Grey Rose Interiors

Top Interior Designers Manchester Grey Rose Interiors

Grey Rose Interiors was established in 2013 by Amy Bruce. The Cheshire based Company works on high-end projects in the commercial and residential sectors both across Britain and overseas.  Grey Rose Interiors is traditionally modern & simplistic with a layer of sophistication and functionality.

12. House of Phabo

Top Interior Designers Manchester House of Phabo

House of Phabo creates functional, modern residential and commercial design spaces. Their belief is that every space should tell a captivating story, show a unique personality and reflect creativity.

13. J. Rowan Interior Design

J. Rowan Interior Design offers bespoke interior design services, tailored to suit every style and adjusted to suit each client. With a great passion for design and a keen eye for detail, this practice specialises in creating high quality and innovative Interior design solutions for residential properties in Manchester & Cheshire. Every project is as unique as each individual who hires them.

14. Janey Butler Interiors

Janey Butler Interiors is an award-winning Interior Design and Architect Studio, located in the grounds of the stunning Capesthorne Hall Estate, near Alderley Edge in the heart of Cheshire. They specialise in luxury high-end residential and commercial projects, featuring stunning design-led craftsmanship; creating breathtaking, elegant and timeless spaces for private clients to live and work in.

15. Kirsten M Wilson Interiors

Kirsten M Wilson likes to use a wide variety of styles, generally being drawn towards light spaces where someone can feel cosy and relaxed, breathe and feel motivated – with a touch of romanticism. An event which effortlessly exudes class and style, bringing smiles and long-lasting memories. Having all of this into account, Kirsten’s first priority is to achieve something that suits her client’s personality and style.

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16. Koncept ID

Top Interior Designers Manchester Koncept ID

Koncept ID’s belief is that design should optimise aesthetic ingenuity with practicality. By developing conceptual briefs through discussion the studio implements solutions with intelligence. Taking initial ideas from paper, through planning to the last day on-site and beyond, their comprehensive service aims to eliminate misinterpretation of design to ensure the result is exactly on target.

17. Lavander Tree Interior Design

Based in Alderley Edge Cheshire, Lavander Tree Interior Design is a bespoke interior design company established by sisters, Sarah Mccall & Emma Bolton. Together they have over 25 years of inspirational experience in residential & commercial design. Their ethos is to combine style with practicality to create interiors that are not only beautiful but easy to live & work in. The hallmarks of their design are the durable, quality fabrics combined with timeless elegance.

18. Plush Interior Services

Plush Interiors can transform your home. Their promise is to design their clients’ dream interior from start to finish. They also aim to provide you with new ideas to brighten and refresh your home.

19. Read Interiors

Chris is an experienced interior designer who works throughout the Midlands and beyond.  She works on any size home project, as well as hotels, shops, restaurants and offices.  Getting it right is a complex issue – all those questions need answering and all those problems need solving.  The bigger the project, the easier it is to let something slip through the net.

20. Wilding & Wolfe

Top Interior Designers Manchester Wilding and Wolfe

Wilding & Wolfe takes a personal approach to each project, transforming every house into a home and creating beautiful but liveable spaces. This practice guides clients through the design process from concept to completion, placing importance on creating an enjoyable journey where individual needs are met with an enthusiastic and warm approach.

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