Spring Design Inspiration – How to Decorate with New Neutrals

Some of the best interiors designers agree that certain colors can create a pared-down look that’s anything but austere. In fact, neutrals don’t have to be boring and when it comes to decorating, a neutral palette doesn’t always to start and end with beige or white. Sasha Bikoff, Henriette von Stockhausen and Anne Hepfer, are some of the experts in the field of interior design who are using these “new neutrals”. Read on to see the latest trends for Spring Design Inspiration using New Neutrals.


Spring Design Inspiration
Master Bedroom Decor With “New Neutrals” featuring Crochet Nightstand by Boca do Lobo.

Spring Design Inspiration
Interior Design Project with Empire Center Table by Boca do Lobo

Spring Design Inspiration

For New York-based designer Sasha Bikoff, pale pink is easy on the eye but still packs a punch. “I consider certain pinks neutral because of their nude, almost skin-like quality,” says the designer.

Spring Design Inspiration - How to Decorate with New Neutrals (5)
Project by Boca do Lobo Studio featuring Robin Mirror

Blush has a cream and yellow base that makes it a neutral, as opposed to pinks with purple undertones, according to Bikoff. “The light blush in this living room works great as a backdrop to other neutrals and pops of color, like canary yellow, which complements the blush in a beautiful, unassuming way.”

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Spring Design Inspiration


Spring Design Inspiration

According to UK-based designer Henriette von Stockhausen, silver is a new neutral capable of giving a streamlined look without compromising elegance.

Spring Design Inspiration - How to Decorate with New Neutrals (7)

“As light changes throughout the day, silver takes on different hues and reflects what is happening outside, and is most wonderful by candlelight during dinner parties,” says the designer.


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Spring Design Inspiration
Master Bedroom Decor Using Silver by BRABBU
Spring Design Inspiration
Contemporary Silver Living Room with Ceiling Lamp by Delightfull


Canadian designer Anne Hepfer recommends a pale blue-gray to create a neutral, soft palette.

Spring Design Inspiration

I created a landscape using a paler shade of blue, and juxtaposed it with contrasting accents like earthy browns and metallic golds to offset the palette.”

Spring Design Inspiration
Master bedroom decor using pale blue, and featuring Symphony Nightstand by Boca do Lobo and Turner Table Lamp by Delightfull


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