Striking Color Schemes For Your Home

Want to design a new, modern look in your home? If your living room walls need a new paint job or you just want to refresh your space, it’s time for you to give your surfaces a makeover. Explore these fascinating color schemes to give your house a stunning new look!

Color schemes make a design come alive, it can draw awareness, set a climate, and even change our sentiments and thoughts. But sometimes it can be tough to understand where to begin when picking a color palette for your design project. So we’ve done the difficult task for you— giving you 15 color schemes for your home.



Blue, beige and gold

Striking Color Schemes For Your Home

Eden Series Center Table – Get Price

Beige living room designs can also be more colorful than that. A gorgeous blue sofa and golden accents can do all the difference in your home decor. Get inspired with this great decor idea filled with the striking Eden Series Center Table by Boca do Lobo.


Orange, white and blue

Striking Color Schemes For Your Home

The brighter hue of this living room is warm and inviting. But, when paired with deep blue, it’s less expected and more cheerful to boot.


Blue Serenity

The Beauty of Blues in this color scheme for a modern living room.


Shades of blue

Blue is arguably the most popular color in the world of interior design and is a favorite in
relaxing bathrooms, cozy bedrooms, elegant living rooms and even trendy kitchens.


Dark brown and passion red

A strong color scheme for a Christian liliger dining room.


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Rainbow and white

White and smooth room with colorful details to give life to space.


Lavander and linen

To echo the softness of Spring, this living room was infused with planes of lavender, balanced with neutral patterns. Everything about this living room is right on trend with the present day styles.


Navy with Coral

A modern color scheme – These two colors balance out each other and will give your bedroom a chic, stylish tone.


Navy, Turquoise, and Pink

Beautiful shades of turquoise and hot pink pop in this cheerful living room. Use big hits of color schemes in a living room’s palette to create a bright, airy and happy space that integrates both feminine and masculine details.


Purple and cream

Elegant and feminine with relaxing and cozy colors.



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Turquoise, Neon Yellow, and Slate Gray

Here, the interior designer plays with a turquoise, neon yellow and gray color scheme in this lovely living room. A soft blue modular sofa shines with electric neon pillows stop it.


Golden style

The golden selection for modern and glamorous rooms is always a good idea.


Turquoise with Pink

Discover a unique color palette through the accessories in your home. This living room was designed with a gorgeous palette of pink and turquoise.


Yellow, blue and gray

In designing a living room, there are many factors which make to do that success. Those factors are choosing the right and good furniture, choosing the good layout, choosing the ceiling model, arranging the furniture and choosing the color scheme of your living room.


Yellow mosaic

Opt for a yellow glass tile surround to help reflect light in your bathroom, especially if your space lacks windows.





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