Trends 2017: Concrete Interiors

This year interior trends are truly going to concentrate on materials and their undertone rather than just a color or texture. Concrete might not seem like a reasonable option for your home, but 2017 sees a tremendous inrush of cement accessories for the bedroom to the bathroom. Not restrict to this composite element, the trend also combines the shades and contemporary ambiance of concrete.

A new take on the industrial tendency of seasons past, Boca do Lobo Blog takes a closer look at the Concrete Interior Trend and how to get the look in your house.


Concrete Plans

Far from conceiving a crisp, hard atmosphere, it can truly help to make a warmer feel to your home. Using compact material gives the ideal pretext to join soft furnishings with more tactile textures. Juxtaposing with the cool surface of this industrial stone, they will add warmness and balance the timeless essence of your concrete accessories. There are many techniques to bring the material into your interior design.




Shades of Grey

If the idea of combine gray stone into your interior is too much, then look to concrete as an influence and bring shades of gray into your home alternatively.



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Cool Textures

Concrete works excellently in a minimalist influence interior design, but it can be accessorized with loads of ornamental finishes from metallic vases, to sequin ornament cushions. Take inspiration from material and look to natural-led patterns, from marble to stonewashed fabrics across soft furnishings too.





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