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20 Black Modern Living Rooms

Modern Living Room


The modern living room is complex and ever so beautiful. More than ever, is a representation of taste, personality, and is associated to a series of other personal factors. With the monochromatic pallet often taking over the black modern living room is increasing in popularity. Tastefully too! A little more sensitive than white, black and dark greys must be carefully selected according to each setting, and used in the right quantities, in the right locations.

Widely used as ambience setters, either as wall paint or wallpaper, or even flooring and ceilings, black is strong mood determinator, and should be complimented with carefully selected lighting and contrasting elements. Here in this Inspiration & Ideas article, we share 20 black modern living rooms, we discover a few examples of how black can be used in the modern living room, in its various ways:


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Black walls, white artwork and a the use of carpeting, makes for a strong combination of elements which play a determining role in the overall environment.

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