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Zaha Hadid's Monochromatic Lobby

Zaha Hadid’s Monochromatic Lobby

Zaha Hadid Architects recently embarked on a project in Moscow’s merging Yuzhnoportovy district. The building, which serves as an office for Dominion, has an incredible interior layout, which sees a…

Art furniture by Maria Pergay

Art furniture by Maria Pergay

  Maria Pergay is a Paris based designer known for her innovative use of stainless steel. Born in Romania of Russian-Jewish descent, Pergay escaped to Paris with her mother at age six at…

Contemporary art by Antoine Helbert

Eclectic Style with Contemporary Art

Contemporary art created by Antoine Helbert fascinates us for its creativity, unexpected figures, colorful paintings that captivates everyone attention. Hybrids is a series of illustrations combining the features of animals and people.…