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We are at the time of planning the perfect holidays to enjoy… adventure, adrenaline and new knowledge. Maldives, Dubai, Iceland and Greece are some of the prominent names in luxury holidays.…

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Luxury Holidays in Thailand

A luxury destination for your dream holidays? Thailand combines the paradisiacal landscape with a best luxury hotels. Luxury travel that takes us to a distant atmosphere. Mark already on your…

luxury travel

Luxury Travel

The peaceful environment of the Greek islands, Mykonos.   Absolute relaxation on Switzerland.           Paradisiacal destinations to go on vacation, sea, green surroundings, sun, sand, peace,…

A new approach to luxury at the Baccarat Hotel

A New Approach To Luxury At The Baccarat Hotel

  The new Baccarat Hotel has brought a new frontier to hyper-luxury, bringing the brand into an immersive world of exclusive design to celebrate your luxury lifestyle. The bold pieces…

The elegance of the New York Palace Hotel

The Elegance Of The New York Palace Hotel

The New York palace hotel takes us back to the elegant decadence of the 50s, the time where luxury lifestyle found its roots with bold exclusive designs that were inspired…

The fine art of Hotel Asturias

The fine art of Hotel Asturias

Hotel Asturias in Madrid provides a great relaxation environment with its fine selection of luxury furniture that can only be achieved by the exclusive designs they seek. A mixture of…

The Asturias Hotel in Madrid

The Asturias Hotel in Madrid

  Once again the copper finishes bring this luxury environment home in the form of these beautiful Wave tables by Boca do Lobo. We can find this scenario while traveling…

The Luxury of Harrods

The Luxury of Harrods

This is an exemple of one of the luxury environments created at the London Harrods. A beautiful selection of exclusive design pieces created for your luxury lifestyle needs, this goes…