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Many segments of the design industry draw a lot of inspiration from the fashion world and their designers. Lessons in aesthetic, consumer behaviour and even manufacturing are the most common. Fashion also influences lines, colour schemes and textures which are then explored by product and industrial designers. Here we explore this influential topic within design inspirations, the dichotomy between furniture and fashion, through a series of cabinets and sideboards with similar fashion design traits.

Marc Newson, world famous for his contributions to product design and the punctual furniture piece, once stated:

“The fashion industry has an enormous amount to offer in what we do in industrial design because fashion is fast, fashion has its finger on the pulse. There are very few creative industries that work on that rhythm.”



boca-do-lobo-inspirations-from-the-catwalk-to-the-interiors-1 furniture and fashion Design Inspirations - Furniture and Fashion boca do lobo inspirations from the catwalk to the interiors 1

The Diamond Sideboard, coloured in green emerald, will make a splash in interior design since it is one of the hottest color trends for this spring. Furniture and fashion will often share colour schemes and tones which will be defined by haute-couture pallet trends.

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