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20 Luxury Dining Rooms With Gold Details

Gold leaf details

[tps_header] Gold, the most valuable of precious metals, has for hundreds of years been a symbol of luck, prosperity and wealth. Quickly associated to fortune, and almost always aesthetically pleasing in the widest of contexts, it has become increasingly used in furniture design, and home accessories. Gold become a huge trend in the interior design world this year, but the truth is that gold is timeless it is an incredible accessories for any room, it brings a luxurious look to any decor. Commonly used in the luxury dining room, either in the form of lighting and chandeliers, or gold details on dining tables and chairs, gold finds always has an esteemed place in most divisions of the house-hold.

In this Inspiration & Ideas instalment, we explore the gold, a great selection of 20 dining room settings with gold details in many forms and styles for the ultimate dining room decor. [/tps_header]

Timeless interior design gold details 20 Luxury Dining Rooms With Gold Details Golden chandelier e1448992292694

The chandelier often decorated with crystals, often features gold details, which never go wrong.

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