20 Luxury Dining Tables for the Modern Dining Room

Hosting a dinner party, or enjoying a home cooked meal over luxury dining tables with close friends or family are incredibly joyful and rewarding activities, where conversation and relationships are developed in a creative context with the primal purpose of feeding. The experience is carried along various moments and divisions of the household, where atmospheres, moods and decor vary and adapt over luxury dining tables.

Decorating the modern dining room for a fully rewarding experience can be a complex task. Choosing a dining table, often considered the center piece of said division, can be even tougher. With eyes and attention on the several factors which compose a dining table, such as number of seated people, surface and finish, presentation, and finally, its core design elements, the pressure level is often high, especially when the goal is to embrace and relish a true luxury experience.

In this Inspiration & Ideas installation, we share 20 luxury dining tables for the modern dining room, where several shapes, materials and sizes are explored:

Luxury Dining Table luxury dining tables 20 Luxury Dining Tables for the Modern Dining Room Royal dining table  e1448378161215

Boca do Lobo‘s Royal Dining Table explores contrasts in terms of design and finishes, with baroque and minimalist faceted lines clashing mid piece, and a patchwork finish spreading across its surface.

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