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10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017

With 2017’s first quarter gone, and with it giant interior decor fairs like Salone Del Mobile and Maison Et Objet, it’s now easy to clearly define the Master Bedroom Trends 2017 that are shaping the interior design world. Today we’ll identify those trends while we take a look at some bedroom inspirations that make use of them. With that said, let’s dive straight into 10 Defining Master Bedroom Trends for 2017.

1 – Surrealism
tiling-inspirations-for-modern-master-bedroom-design-for-vivid-colorful-homes-turquoise-blue master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 tiling inspirations for modern master bedroom design for vivid colorful homes turquoise blue
The mixture of extravagant patterns, wild materials and surprising furniture pieces is making a comeback this year in the bedroom trends 2017 department. Look for pieces that make a statement for themselves, creative tiling and geometric patterns with a wide array of colors to create something that feels out of this world.

2 – A Careful Mess
2017-bedroom-trends-bookshelf-modern-master-bedroom-design-inspiration-ideas-for-the-modern-home-white-tones-creative-design master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 2017 bedroom trends bookshelf modern master bedroom design inspiration ideas for the modern home white tones creative designIt looks like a mess, feels like a mess, but it isn’t a mess, it’s just a carefully arranged mess as means to achieve an uncompromising feeling for the master bedroom. Stacks of chaotically arranged books that seem about to fall off, asymmetrical lighting are one of the defining bedroom trends for 2017.

3 – Golden Nightstands
Boca-Do-Lobo-Symphony-Nightstand-Luxury-Furniture-Exclusive-Golden-Nightstand-Design master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 Boca Do Lobo Symphony Nightstand Luxury Furniture Exclusive Golden Nightstand Design
At Maison Et Objet Paris and Salone Del Mobile Milano golden nightstands were all the rage, with many of the top luxury exhibitors displaying their golden bedside table models. Shown above is the Symphony Nightstand by Boca do Lobo.

4 – Clean Mid-century Design
clean-cut-mid-century-bed-minimalist-indistrual-design-bedroom-ideas-bedroom-inspirations master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 clean cut mid century bed minimalist indistrual design master bedroom ideas bedroom inspirations
Beautiful clean pieces from the Italian designers of the 60’s and 70’s are on the rise, combine them with the overall white tones to enhance the wooden lines and you’ve got yourself one of the most talked about bedroom trends in 2017.

5 – Concrete Walls
color-and-concrete-walls-for-master-bedroom-design-inspiration-trends-2017-modern-design-ideas master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 color and concrete walls for master bedroom design inspiration trends 2017 modern design ideasThere’s beauty in combining rough concrete walls with vivid modern furniture and light colors, the contrast makes it irresistible and from what we’ve seen this year, this is one of those master bedroom trends that’s here to stay.

master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 banner blogs top 100
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6 – Grey with a Glimpse of Color
grey-bedroom-ideas-trends-2017-with-plant-for-bedroom-inspiration-design master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 grey master bedroom ideas trends 2017 with plant for bedroom inspiration designIt looks like this photo was edited, but it was not. This is an ingenious master bedroom idea where the tones seem so colorless that it only exacerbates the life coming from the plant, and as this isn’t the first time we see it this year it looks like it’s going to become a bedroom trend for 2017.

7 – Industrial Bedroom Design
bedroom trends master bedroom design mid-century-bedroom-design-trends-master-bedroom-room-ideas-bedroom-inspirations-tiles-vintage-furniture master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 mid century bedroom design trends master bedroom room ideas bedroom inspirations tiles vintage furniture
We’ve seen it time and time again, but it looks like industrial bedroom design has come for real in 2017. Tiled walls, slim legged metallic furniture and heavy brown tones are everywhere. The antithesis of the previous white mid-century bedroom also seems to be defining the year.

8 – Minimal with a twist.
bedroom trends master bedroom design minimal-modern-master-bedroom-design-inspiration-ideas-red-tones-worn-wallpaper-inspirations-bedroom-trends-2017 master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 minimal modern master bedroom design inspiration ideas red tones worn wallpaper inspirations bedroom trends 2017
It seems minimal and minimal it would be if not for the patterned wall and amazing chandelier. Up your minimal design a notch with an outstanding piece to achieve this defining master bedroom trend for 2017.

9 – A modern take on 70’s wallpapers
bedroom trends master bedroom design vintage-inspired-bedroom-trends-for-2017-master-bedroom-ideas-modern-design-inspiration master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 vintage inspired bedroom trends for 2017 master bedroom ideas modern design inspirationTake the acid patterns from the 70’s and remove all the colors to get this modern take on a classic, combine them with raw-looking wood and you’ve got yourself a winning bedroom inspiration.

10 – Colorful Art over white
master bedroom design vivid-colorful-master-bedroom-inspiration-ideas-modern-design-master-bedroom-ideas master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 vivid colorful master bedroom inspiration ideas modern design master bedroom ideasThis one has been on the high side of bedroom trends, but we couldn’t avoid talking about it since it’s been up there for so long and continues to do so. Pick some vivid, colorful art and make it even more lively through the use of white tones.

master bedroom 10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2017 banner i lobo you blog nightstands 1

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