Black is always a safe choice because it always suits fine. 5 ideas of how to use black in your living room furniture or living room decor.
Nature Is The Golden Standard
5 Furniture Tips for a Contemporary Classic Living Room

Nature Is The Golden Standard

Nature Is The Golden Standard  Nature Is The Golden Standard eden center table and newton lamp

Eden Center Table and the Newton Lamp by Boca do Lobo

Organic shapes, and the force of nature, can take any living room by storm. Furniture with natural design traits, are a symbol of majesty and refinement, especially when associated to gold, the precious metal once used as the world’s reference for financial power. The Eden Center Table is a unique design piece, that features just these elements, and exhales a breath of fresh air wherever it is fitted.

Its texturized surface and unusual shape beautifully compliment a clean and geometric surroundings, where its luscious gold finish stands out in any both light or dark toned environments.



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