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The Asturias Hotel in Madrid

The Asturias Hotel in Madrid

  Once again the copper finishes bring this luxury environment home in the form of these beautiful Wave tables by Boca do Lobo. We can find this scenario while traveling…

Minimal architecture

Minimal Architecture

Architecture is an inspiration in the creative world of today, a unique design which combines modern materials and traditional techniques resulting in a luxury product. The focus on minimalist architecture is…

Minimal Buildings

Minimal Buildings

With a minimalist design, focusing on industrial materials and neutral colors is the contemporary architecture. An exaltation of metallic colors, gold or silver as opposed to dim colors. Buildings of…


The Luxury Bedrooms of Al Jasra

This luxury bedroom is a perfect accommodation for when you visit Catar, an experience you deserve to try at least once in your life. The different set of colors are…


The Art of Hotel Infante Sagres

This dreamlike scenario can be found in the Hotel Infante Sagres at Oporto, a very classical designed transported into a not foreseen future. This exclusive design pieces come from Boca…


The Upscale Beauty Of The Classic Mirror

No matter what size, the beauty of the classic mirror transcends scale. It’s a fine piece of elegant design that suits a modern architecture as well as a contemporary architecture,…