Fall In Love With Pixel Heritage Cabinet

The Pixel Heritage Cabinet stands out as a true pioneer. Created by renowned design brand Boca do Lobo, this bar cabinet transcends conventional boundaries, presenting a masterful synthesis of tradition and the avant-garde. Its iconic presence and innovative design work not only reflect the dedication and artistry of its creators but also encapsulate a vision for the digital age, where authenticity meets artisanal excellence.

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Innovative and avant-garde design

The Pixel Heritage Cabinet is not just a piece of furniture, it is a statement of creativity and craftsmanship. Composed of 1088 skillfully arranged triangles, its top defies perception, captivating the eye with a unique combination of materials and colors. Each triangle, meticulously handcrafted, incorporates gold leaf and a translucent green hue, resulting in a piece that shines with a brilliance all of its own.

Fall In Love With Pixel Heritage Cabinet

Distinctive Features

In addition to its stunning appearance, the Pixel Heritage Cabinet offers exceptional functionality. Its two doors reveal a meticulously crafted interior, where a harmonious blend of aged mirrors reflects nine interior drawers. Each drawer is adorned with an exquisite gold handle, further elevating the luxury and sophistication of this extraordinary piece of furniture. The doors, covered in quilted blue silk fabric, add a touch of opulence, standing out with diamond patterns that echo the precision and refinement of the design.

Exceptional craftsmanship

The process of creating the Pixel Heritage Cabinet is a symphony of exquisite craftsmanship. From the meticulous upholstery to the application of gleaming gold leaf, every step of the process reflects Boca do Lobos commitment to excellence. Jewelry-making techniques are expertly employed to ensure that every detail of this furniture is executed to perfection, resulting in a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries between furniture and art.

Fall In Love With Pixel Heritage Cabinet

Excellent Materials and Impeccable Finishes

The exceptional quality of the Pixel Heritage Cabinet is evident in its meticulously selected materials and finishes. Wood, mirror and acrylic come together to create a robust and elegant structure. The triangles that adorn its surface are a symphony of textures and hues, with lacquered wood, glistening gold leaf and translucent emerald lacquer combining to create a truly unique and stunning aesthetic.

Fall In Love With Pixel Heritage Cabinet

Pixel Heritage Cabinet is much more than a piece of bar furniture, it is a functional work of art that encapsulates the essence of creativity and master craftsmanship. With its unparalleled fusion of innovative design, luxurious materials and exceptional craftsmanship, this extraordinary piece is a tribute to excellence and a stunning addition to any space it inhabits.

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