IMM 2015 “Das Haus” by Neri & Hu

This year’s Das Haus project, exhibited at the beginning of every year at the IMM fair, has been appointed to Chinese architect partners Neri & Hu. The Shanghai based design firm have developed a 240 square meter residential house simulation. Seeking to challenge the concept of the home, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu’s 2 floor building model (a first in the Das Haus series) promises an innovative approach on both aesthetic and conceptual levels. The designers also revealed that their Das Haus model will be “less relaxing” than last year’s romantic-purist design, conceived by Danish designer Louise Campbell.
“Our ‘Haus’ is supposed to unsettle people because we want to challenge them so that they don’t just see a trade fair with the most beautiful furniture and the best materials, but really begin to question where we stand today – especially also in China. Whether we’re using furniture in the right way? How much do we need? And what is it really: the home?” – Lyndon Neri
IMM 2015 "Das Haus" by Neri & Hu
Entitled “Memory Lane”,  the project is inspired by Shanghai’s traditional lane houses, characterised by close neighbourly relations, and consists of various “cage” devisions within the model, transmitting the idea of the home being a place of retreat, as well as a cage for people’s possessions and rituals. Visitors are guided by an enclosed bridge which roams through the house’s various cages, each with it’s specific theme and experimental furniture set.
Constructed from all sorts of materials, such as brick, wood, wiring and steel, Neri & Hu also integrated “recycled” components from traditional Chinese buildings, from entire windows, to doors. Interestingly, their model has an aesthetic of its own, with a surprisingly international and modern feel, rather than a traditional Eastern flair.

About the designers

 Neri & Hu are considered China’s most progressive and internationally successful architecture studios, and one of the most creative teams worldwide, especially in the areas of design and interior architecture. With an aesthetic entirely of their own,  Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu have developed various hotels (such as Le Meridian in Zhengzhou, China), houses (Cluny House in Singapore), museums (Xi’an Westin Museum Hotel) and flagship stores (Camper, Shanghai). In 2012 they opened their own design gallery in Shanghai, Design Republic, where they design and develop furniture for well known European brands such as Classicon, BD Barcelona and De La Espada.
IMM 2015 "Das Haus" by Neri & Hu

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