Luxurious Family House in Long Island by Deborah Berke Partners

Deborah Berke Partners is a New York -based architecture and design firm that for over thirty years has developed incredible projects around the United States and the world. The design firm counts with a team of great interior designers and architects, all of them with varied expertise. By taking advantage of this diversity and versatility, together, the team creates truly unique design projects. Over time, Deborah Berke Partners has built a wide range of experience in projects for colleges and universities, cultural institutions, private residences, luxurious family houses, boutique hotels, and offices, for mission-driven clients.

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Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)

The design firm creates unmatched design inspirations, and they give shape to meaningful architecture. By reimagining old buildings or coming up with new innovative ones, they take environmental and social concerns and turn them into something to be admired and lived.

In luxurious family homes or in corporate projects, Deborah Berke Partners architecture captures the values and aspirations of their clients; it strives to enrich the world around it through enduring and bespoke design; and it is synergetic with its surroundings.

The design firm is all about creating spaces that have a meaning and which are capable to survive time itself. They consider ‘how changing daylight shapes a room; how people move into a site and through a building; how materials feel and look through repeated use’. Deborah Berke Partners has a holistic approach to interior design and architecture, focusing on details to create the perfect masterplan.

From luxurious family homes to unique cultural project some of the design firm’s most significant past work includes the Distribution Headquarters for Cummins Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana; the Rockefeller Arts Center in Fredonia, New York; 21c Museum Hotels across the South and Midwest of the U.S.; the Yale School of Art; and numerous residences for private clients. Current projects include the New Residential Colleges at Princeton University, the Lewis International Law Center at Harvard Law School, and NXTHVN, an arts and community incubator in New Haven, Connecticut.

This luxurious family house in Long Island, New York, is one of Deborah Berke Partners’ best residential projects. A collaborative creation located next to a small waterfront park, this modern and luxurious family house is designed to celebrate indoor/outdoor living and family gatherings, embracing its unique surroundings. A place to entertain and admire, a true design inspiration.  

The house presents a strong geometric facade to the street, which is softened by the pale gray stained wood cladding. Natural light filters through the open treads of a custom oak staircase, creating a play of light and shadow that shifts throughout the day.

‘The house has an effortless, casual elegance. Like most simple-looking things, a lot of thought went into it, such as its refined and pared-down palette.’

Catherine Bird, Principal

The luxurious family house has C-shaped plan that connects the three primary entertaining spaces: the open kitchen and living room, a beautiful dining room scaled for large family gatherings, and a screened porch with seating and dining areas. This arrangement allows a perfect intersection of family spaces and the outdoor terrace. The living room, kitchen and dining room feature floor to ceiling window walls offering unbroken vistas of the bay and the pool on the lawn below.

Amie Weitzman Design was responsible for the interior design project. Clean lines are accentuated using different shapes, and a soft color palette highlights the architectural features of the luxurious family home. Light-filled spaces which welcome the outside! An amazing collaboration between two renowned names in the design industry: Deborah Berke Partners and Amie Weitzman Design. The result: an unmatched design inspiration and a luxurious family home to be fully enjoyed!

Discover some of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)


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