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Marmol Radziner is the result of over 30 years of experience and a perfect combination between Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner, both architects and both inspired by California modernist design. All of their projects in architecture, construction, landscape, or interior design have something in common: the proximity with nature. Whether they are creating under high standards of sustainable design or designing outdoor spaces, the main focus is to connect daily life with the landscape, almost as if they were only one.

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This is our invitation to you: A tour amongst nature, great architecture and superb interiors, sponsored by Marmol Radziner!


In the immense California desert, there’s an invigorating oasis! Brilliantly designed by Marmol Radziner, this retreat belongs to Leo Marmol and his wife Alisa Becket. Located on a five-acre site in Desert Hot Springs, California, this house was oriented to provide the best view of San Jacinto Peak and the surrounding mountains.

The Desert House floats six feet above the desert landscape, attached to a recessed platform. The main living area unfolds to the west with views of the mountains San Jacinto and San Gorgonio. Open frames provide sheltered living spaces where interior and exterior merge, while connecting the house to the north wing, which houses a guest house and studio spaces. By forming an “L”, the house creates a sheltered environment that includes a pool and fire pit.


According to Ron Radziner, the owner – an independent art collector, wanted a modern house where every bedroom and living area had a view of the garden rooftops and the city of Los Angeles beyond. They also drew attention to indoor-outdoor living, with special attention on outdoor dining and entertaining with natural color and material palette.

“The material and color combinations on the façade, together with the terraced volumes and planted roofs, allow the structure to recede into the hillside.”

Ron Radziner

Situated on a steep 2.8-acre slope, this residence is defined by a series of cantilevered, overlapping volumes that cascade downward and eventually nestle into the earth. Each level features a green roof and a private terrace with a unique view of the landscape.

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Marmol Radziner designed this residence for a young family, in Venice, California. The privacy from the street was warranted by using a series of screens and walls at the same time as allow openness within the lot.

A large front garden separates the house from the street with dense planting and a play area for young children. A gray rendered façade captures the shadows of the trees and contrasts with the bright rusty red of the fence and the multi-colored timber cladding of the southwest wall. The collage of textures and colors continues inside, creating rhythm and tension throughout the house.

Architectural and construction services were provided by Marmol Radziner for this project.


Something unique about Marmol Radziner is that they are both architects and contractors and they provide a single source of accountability from project conception through building occupancy.

During their careers as architects, they have experienced some mistakes when they turn a project over to a contractor who does not build the project as drawn. Information can be lost during this process. This Design-Build concept allows Marmol Radziner to pursue standards of excellence that are difficult to achieve in the typical architect/contractor relationship.

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