Rockwell Group – Best Design Groups in New York City

New York City is the home of the greatest design groups on Earth. The Big Apple is one of the main capital cities in interior design, and so it is only natural to find in it the most incredible designers out there. From hotels to restaurants, from private houses to home offices, these creative minds are responsible for amazing interior design projects. We will bring you what we consider to be some of the best design groups in New York City. Today, it’s Rockwell Group’s turn!

    Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell and led by partners Shawn Sullivan and Greg Keffer, the Rockwell Group is on the vanguard of interior/product design and architecture design, as they envision a symbiosis relationship between design and technology. Through innovation and leadership, the design group has created some of the most interesting and refined projects out there.

    Based in downtown New York with satellite offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, the design group works in an enormous variety of interior design projects, from hospitality, cultural, and healthcare projects, to educational, product, and set design.

    In healthcare, the Rockwell Group has worked with ORA, a company that combines the traditional techniques of ancient Chinese medicine with a modern approach. The design group created a space that allies the client’s concept of holistic wellness experience with luxury, creating an oasis with curved walls, raw materials, a signature blue and white palette.

    This design group is no stranger to hospitality, as they have worked with numerous hotels in the pass. The Moxy East Village is one of them. The Rockwell Group decided to bring indoors, the vibrant and ever-transforming characteristics of the hotel’s neighborhood. The interior design project is unbelievable, as one feels that is being included in a narrative. Inspired by the 70s and 80s creative scene, every room has a story to tell.

    Rockwell Group – Best Design Groups in New York City
    Source: Marriott

    In the Cathédrale restaurant, based in the Moxy East Village, the design group collaborated with Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi to create a floating metal mesh ceiling sculpture. A true design inspiration!

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    Avenue is another of their interior design projects. The bar, lounge, and event space is located in Lower Manhattan and it is the epitome of luxury nightlife. With a French vibe, the bar has a very dense and immersive environment, ornated with the finest furnishings.  

    One of their most brilliant projects is perhaps The Waterline Club, a grand amenities center and a new luxury residence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. With a clear New York influence (from the Guggenheim to the Central Park reservoir), the looping wooden bridge connects amenities and residents, giving it a waterpark-playful atmosphere. The design group also conceived several spaces such as fitness areas and play/game rooms, offering the body and mind a space to also be creative.

    Rockwell Group – Best Design Groups in New York City
    Source: Robb Report

    The Rockwell Group is one of a kind. They combine interactive technology with handmade objects and custom furniture, attending to principles of craftsmanship and luxury design. The spaces created by the group are always a design inspiration filled with stories, and that is why we believe they are one of the best design groups in New York City and, we dare say, in the World!

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