Take An Exclusive Look Into This Palace In Saudi Arabia

Welcome to this magnificent Palace located in Saudi Arabia! Today, Boca do Lobo Blog, shows you what happens when eclectic and extraordinary meet in the same project! UDesign brings the influences of Marbella, a fashion destiny these days!


Get Inspired With This Outstanding Palace

With gardens all around and inside the home, this space is something that we have never seen before. We can call this a work of art, right?

palace - luxury hall with purple armchairs, a black and white rug, plants and art pieces

We could only be amazed by the patterns, mixed colours, exquisite furniture pieces and biophilic design all in one room, right? For those who love both entertaining or simply being with family and friends, this is the place to be.

palace - luxury living room with art pieces, pink sideboard, white sofas, plants, marble and golden center table

Designed for an art lover and for someone who takes time to appreciate everything around. This interior design is all about European Culture, art and fine materials. Diamond Amethyst Sideboard, one of the most iconic pieces of Boca do Lobo, definitely stands out in this ambience.

Diamond Amethyst Sideboard
palace - pink sideboard with golden feet
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palace - green cabinet, art pieces, white sofas and plants

A large-scale private residence with elements of a luxury hotel, an art gallery and a family home. Comfortable and functional at the same time! Piccadilly Cabinet by Boca do Lobo also takes part in this amazing project.

Piccadilly Cabinet
palace - green cabinet
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palace - art pieces, white sofas, plants and marble gorden center table

Navarra Center Table by Boca do Lobo came to this project, which makes sense because its unique design captures Spanish warmth and finest craftmanship.

Navarra Center Table
palace - marble and golden center table
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palace - entrance hall with two white sideboards with golden details, purple exquisite mirror

Lapiaz Sideboard by Boca do Lobo makes this artsy entrance even more incredible!

Lapiaz Sideboard
palace - white sideboard with golden details
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palace - living area with a sofa and two armchairs with golden details, opulent chandelier and art on the wall

Perfect for a family reunion, Imperfectio Sofa and Armchair by Boca do Lobo invite anyone to seat and have a conversation for hours!

Imperfectio Sofa
palace - grey sofa with golden details
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Imperfectio Armchair
palace - grey armchair with golden details
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Stay With Us To Get Inspired By One Palace Once In A While!

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