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New York is home to some of the greatest Interior Design Projects in the world, matching the truly unprecedented architectural spectacle provided by the city. The Big Apple does not conform when it comes to design, it defies trends and stereotypes, it has a style of its own. Many design firms thrive in New York, as the city provides the perfect stage for them to create unique spaces and unmatched interior design inspirations.

Discover some of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)

    ODA was founded in 2007 and has developed a name for itself over the years. It is now regarded as one of the most recognized design firms of its generation, delivering imaginative and groundbreaking architectural and interior design projects. By defying the conventional, ODA creates innovative design inspiration that will influence our cities in the future.

    They count with some of the best designers out there, and with expertise in a range of disciplines from landscape and interior design to architecture and master planning, the award-winning firm believes that design can help shape the future.

    ODA is based in New York City and has worked in incredible architectural and interior design projects. From commercial and residential, to educational and cultural, their projects are innovative and challenging, as they want the industry to become more interdisciplinary and interactive. ODA believes in a collaborative design.

    Their past and current interior design projects are an ode to contemporary design and incredible design inspirations that feed all senses. One of those incredible creations, Skyhouse, is based in New York City. This Madison Avenue Penthouse evokes a minimalist a contemporary design created to entertain. The different materials, the accentuation of architectural features such as light and height and the use of bespoke design furniture, make this interior design project a one-of-a-kind experience.

    In New York City, the Flynn Condominium is a testament to the integrative power of texture, material, and mass exploration. A stoic and solid exterior is combined with softer and more porous residential units to create an unmatched design inspiration.

    A residential building in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Grove has a double-height lobby and amenity spaces which were created with a strong axis of through-block opening and indirect light, breaking junctions of surrounding concrete walls and deconstructing the room into gaps between concrete masses. The interior design project incorporates the rough appeal of Brooklyn combined with eastern aesthetics and contemporary design. The homes are a beautiful synergy between materials such as wood, stone, and metal, highlighted using bespoke design furnishings.

    Also in New York City, the 251 First Condominium twisted geometrics highlight its location. The sensory experiences in and around the building feel natural to residents and neighbors, free of rigid corners and hard edges, replaced with soft lines and exposed space. Inside, the interior design project plays homage to craftsmanship and has a pure fluidity of textures and materials, emphasizing the architectural features of the spaces.

    You can learn more about the architectural and interior design projects on their website and be inspired by their unprecedented collaborative design.

    Discover some of the Best Interior Designers From New York City

    Best Interior Designers From New York City (PART X)


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