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Forget everything you know about pottery, a Londoner artist developed a work that breaks free from the limitations and expectations of this kind of craft, drawing her inspiration primarily from architecture, then from art and fashion. Her name is Abigail Simpson and before the studies with ceramic she trained to be an actress. And this is how she defined the uniqueness of her work:


“I have worked with the theme of the vessel for some time now, developing it as an object beyond normal usage. My idea of a vessel is not simply as a working piece of apparatus but as an object which expresses raw energy and power. It is not an academic exercise in imitating the historical past. I am interested in the ceramic ‘architecture’ of an object, and in my work a sense of engineering the form is crucial. When I am in the studio I think of the object in simple terms; its surface, colour, scale and the promise of something elegant and beautiful at the finish. There is also an underlying sense of the erotic…”


The productions of the vessels is equally incredible. The ‘Bobble pots’, which have become her trade mark, are painstakingly constructed by hand from stoneware clay using giant coils. The pieces are then fired in her purpose built kiln to 1280 degrees centigrade.


And with those elements, the result are singular pieces, that have one only constant: the extraordinary scale – the vessels can be up to 7 feet in height. Beauty, texture, colour, engineering, elegance and the eroticism of the pieces had carried Abgail’s work to the most of the major interior and fashion magazines as well as being catalogued by Christies in two ‘Contemporary and Post-War British Art’ auctions. Buyers include Annie Lennox and Donna Karan.


Her work has also been exhibited extensively in Britain. And for the ones who want to see it closely, the artist’s latest enterprise is an installation of 15 vessels currently being shown at Ralph Pucci International showroom in Manhattan.


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