London’s Next Day Out – Art Galleries

London is a world capital of exquisite and unique design. This European city is filled with unique experiences for true design lovers. With so many Art Galleries available, it may be difficult to know were to start. Hopefully, this list will help you decide which ones to visit first!


Hauser & Wirth

Source: Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth art gallery offers exhibitions from emerging artists as household names as Sir Frank Bowling’s exhibition both in London and New York locations simultaneously. With works on view spanning over 50 years of the British icon’s career from 1967 to the present day, ‘Frank Bowling – London / New York’ celebrates the ways in which one artist’s inventive approach to the materiality of paint has expanded the boundaries of abstraction.


London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Gagosia
Photo: Prudence Cuming Associate

Gagosian Art Galleries offer a minimalist masterpiece in its London location. Taking cues from its emphasis on geometric seriality, Whiteread employs the formal language of Minimalism, adding a quietly emotive aspect, maintaining an acute sensitivity to objects’ minor details and subtle markers of use and human irregularity.

White Cube

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: White Cube

White Cube Art Galleries now offers a modern exhibition in London in which there are no ambiguous shades in these paintings, no finesse or subtlety softens their grim urban otherworldliness. Artists Gilbert & George bring to life worlds in their art that are also moods and feelings. The brute realism is infused with the vague yet precise mood of unsettling and troubled dreams.

Gazelli Art House

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House makes a move into the next century by presenting Shi Zheng’s Free Fall in the Project Space, an initiative launched in 2020 to provide digital artists with a platform to showcase their works physically. Making Gazelli a pioneer in Art Galleries

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London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Malborough

Marlborough Gallery is presenting an abstract art exhibition, Victor Pasmore: Line & Space. The artist’s pioneering development of abstract art is considered to be one of the most significant achievements in 20th century British art. Explores Pasmore’s incredibly versatile output over his long career in art galleries.

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery presents a playful and introspective body of work, Stories of the Imaginary (self-portrait of two lemons). An exhibition from Heinze that blurs the boundaries between waking and dreaming. Through expressive arrangements, Heinze draws on recent experience of restricted movement and limited social interaction, offering the surface of the canvas as a space of the imagination.

Simon Lee Gallery

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Simon Lee Gallery

Büttner’s exhibition on Simon Lee Gallery is renowned for drawing out deeper layers of meaning from day-to-day life which may, at first glance, seem banal. Visitors can expect canvases and collages to depict a tragi-comic reality, confronting social norms with both irony and satire, while retaining a firm grip on the history of painting when visiting art galleries.

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Karsten Schubert London

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Karsten Schubert London

Karsten Schubert London Art Galleries presents Alison Wilding, one of the UK’s foremost sculptors. Renowned for her innovative approach to material, the works exhibited range from Mesmer, its wooden parts held together by magnets, to smaller sculptures made of alabaster, bronze, fibreglass, silver wire and brass.  

Cristea Roberts Gallery

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Cristea Roberts Gallery

Cristea Roberts Gallery presents Hands, Baselitz’s ongoing survey of the human form, which has been at the forefront of his practice since the 1960s. Prolific printmaking is as essential a part of his practice in art galleries as painting, drawing and sculpture.

Saatchi Gallery

London’s Next Day Out - Art Galleries
Source: Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery’s, Antisocial Isolation is a group exhibition featuring artworks by some of the most exciting emerging artists of today. Themes inspired by classical literature and poetry to initiate non-linear perspectives of storytelling can be seen. The viewer is confronted with reality, and is given the space to interpret this for themselves.


Which Art Galleries will you visit first?

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