Fisheye Street Photography by Willem Jonkers

Willem Jonkers’ work in rather than unique. Although he chases many of the same subjects, he does so with an 8mm fisheye lent. This slight deviation from the normal street photography allows him to stand out from common photography standards. In his own words “the streets are always interesting to watch. Walking the streets with my camera, makes me an observer rather than a participant. That gives me a completely different view on what’s happening in society. What street photography is exactly, I cannot define. I just like photographing people on the streets – people that would otherwise not be noticed, like most of us.”

Fisheye-Street-Photography-by-Willem-Jonkers (8)Fisheye-Street-Photography-by-Willem-Jonkers (7)

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Fisheye-Street-Photography-by-Willem-Jonkers (3)

“By going at distances of sometimes less than one foot, my subjects fill the frame completely, but still with a good sense of the surroundings they are moving around in because of the wideness of the lenses I use. The intended distortion of a fisheye lens makes that framing possible.”Fisheye-Street-Photography-by-Willem-Jonkers (2)Fisheye-Street-Photography-by-Willem-Jonkers (1)

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