Boca do Lobo’s Most Remarkable Interior Design Projects

More than a simple display of projects featuring our pieces, this article is for the interior designers who’ve never ceased to amaze us with their ingenuity, finding the new and exciting purpose to Boca do Lobo ‘s furniture with combinations far beyond our wildest dreams. This is a tribute to our trade and a tribute to those who create beautiful spaces that people truly enjoy, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, now let’s take a look:

Belgium Country Estate, by Eric Kuster

Eden Ceramic Silver Side Table by Boca do Lobo represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. The modern interior design of Belgium Country Estate was created by the top interior designer, Eric Kuster. He succeeds by ensuring that individual elements are as impeccable as the whole. From every textile to each piece of furniture, and each artwork to every color combination, craftsmanship is key.

Bachelorette Pad by Design Intervention

Combining poised glamour, and feminine romance, while also incorporating her Chinese heritage, through modern design, Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage by Design Intervention created the perfect escape from the modern world.

Design brand Boca do Lobo, had one of its pieces featured in this Design Intervention project, the Glance round mirror. This modern furniture piece tells us that story, the crossroads of life, and the reason among the chaos. The concept of a defragmented mirror brings out its noblest gold backdrop, where it’s unique beauty comes from daring to risk and challenge the conventional.

Chalet Le Coquelicot by Wilkinson Beven

In this Interior Design Project by Wilkinson Beven, rich fabric tones and dark timber hues contrast with the paler wall and floor finishes, creating an elegant and sumptuous entertaining space.

Infinity Console by Boca do Lobo is a fascinating and exclusive piece included in this project, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines.

Palais FG – Austria, by Denis Košutić

interior architecture boca do lobo Vienna-based architect and designer Denis Košutić views interior architecture as a subject of consumption, not a monument to eternity, and with that in mind, he redesigned the interior of a Baroque Austrian Palace providing this history-rich landmark with a modern twist and turning it into a cheerful, exuberant place. The sensation overload this interior conveys can be overwhelming, like a fine impressionist painting, but as soon as you start joining all the details together it transposes into a wonderful visual experience. The renewed interior architecture of this palace features a golden wallpaper, pink colorful curtains and exciting bright sofas with some of our most iconic pieces: the sublime Newton Dining Table, the heavenly Eden Center Table and a couple of Pixel Bar Cabinet, which we usually imagine being place alone, but in this case Denis proved us wrong and exceeded himself in combining a lot of egos into a single, majestic room. An exceptional interior design project that takes a sublime taste and a lot of imagination.

East House – Australia, by Brendan Wong

Designed by Brendan Wong, this interior architecture project features a Victorian Italianate House built in 1891 whose exterior features were kept intact. For the interior, the owner briefed Brendan to maintain the grandeur of the house while creating something that suited a growing family of five. “They wanted modern elegance with warmth, but not too uptight”, he says. interior architecture And modern elegance they got. On the hallway, “The intention was to create a strong first impression”, the designer notes, and the task was accomplished by the placement of a gorgeous Diamond Emerald Sideboard. Chosen by the designer and owners together, it’s sculptural, faceted shape defies convention and creates an impact all by itself, enhanced by mirror-like reflective finish against the black Japanese floorboards, original cedar staircase, and traditional semi-circular archway. A bold surprise and sets the tone for the connecting rooms. See also: Inside The HBA Residential’s New Interior Design Project in Beijing Collectible Design Ebook Boca do Lobo

Private Residence – St. Petersburg, by Ekaterina Lashmanovoy

This interior architecture project by Ekaterina Lashmanovoy displays a lot of elegance and, above all, taste. It features smart mirror placement for depth, a strong presence of marbled textures, geometric patterns and, above all, every piece is given its own breathing space. “Being an architect by education, I pay a lot of attention to space planning. In an ill-conceived layout, it’s uncomfortable to live and, in this case, the decor will not save it”, Ekaterina says. interior architecture The apartment, however, consisted of a quarter circle and the round walls had to be leveled by cabinets, radius cornices, and curtains. For the living room, a beautiful creamy sofa is joined by navy blue mid-century armchairs and a pair of Wave Center Tables provide the final golden touch. “I’m impressed by the Portuguese designers“, Ekaterina admits, “Everything they do is very fashionable and relevant. What this interior needs!”

Espaço de Portugal – Casa Decor Madrid, Spain by Pepe Leal interior architecture boca do lobo

Pepe Leal is Spanish designer in love with Portugal, that he considers “A sophisticated, elegant country”, and he accepted the challenge to be responsible for the Portuguese Space at Casa Décor Madrid in 2016, that for a month and a half served as a window to Portugal in the Spanish capital. Gathering pieces from more than 20 different Portuguese brands, its interior architecture broke with the preconception that Portugal is rustic, decadent and ancient to highlight the merits of a country where past and present go hand in hand. Seen above in this living room is a pair of Eden Center Tables that provide with glitz the colorful interior. On the other side of the room, the Heritage Sideboard serves as a testimony to Portuguese tiling, created by Boca do Lobo in order to honor this timeless craft, also known as “Azulejos”. The piece presents a different number of layers, and each one tells a different story. Quite fitting considering the nature of the project.

Countryside Residence – Italy, by Diff. Studio

The interior architecture of this Italian countryside residence, by Ukrainian firm Diff-Studio, is an exquisite combination of classic and contemporary style. The interior is dominated by light accents that create a feeling of airiness and a sense of space. The more you look the more you find it charming, as there’s a little bit of everything here, from mid-century floor lamps, gorgeous Italian-style sofas, whimsical chandeliers and a lot of beautiful and bold elements that combine with each other in perfect harmony. For the hallway, a custom gold-leafed Diamond Emerald sideboard was chosen to enhance the luxurious feel of the whole interior architecture of the Countryside Residence. The master bathroom is elegant and sumptuous and features a pair of Diamond Free Stands that combine with the Diamond Bathtub and a horizontally placed Venice Mirror that magnifies the reflecting nature of the marble. A beautiful mosaic was chosen as a mean to convey a watery, bubbly feel to the division and the overall result is a dreamy, palatial bathroom design that feels out of this world. See also: V Architecture: Get Amazed By Their Projects Created With Passion Luxury Safe Boxes Boca do Lobo

Lakeside Villa – Switzerland, by Eric Kuster

Located within Domaine du Lac, on the banks of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, this contemporary villa serves as a family residence whose interior architecture was conceived by interior designer and luxury lifestyle purveyor Eric Kuster. The home is custom finished to the highest of standards, with over 10,000 square feet spread over three levels. Featuring the finest materials and hand-picked pieces, large windows merge the indoors with the outdoors, bathing the interiors with natural sunlight and providing unending views of the lake. The design emphasizes both comfort and high energy. Every element takes the preferences of the owner into consideration and the finest details are personalized to create an exact fit for the family. For the living room, coppery sofas were joined by a golden Eden Center Table that seems to have fallen from heaven to fit just where it has always belonged.

Covet House – Portugal, by Boca do Lobo

Right in the heart of the most unique and vibrant Portuguese city – Oporto – is our COVET HOUSE, a living celebration of design that offers you a memorable experience, surrounded by classic luxury and contemporary comfort. For the interior architecture renewal, the rules were simple: use only the finest pieces from Covet Group, of which Boca do Lobo is proudly a part of, to achieve interior design excellence. As we look into the dining room we can see the powerful Metamorphosis Dining Table making its own statement, joined by the Nº11 dining chairs and the iconic Guggenheim Cabinet on the background. On the other end of the dining room, the mood is set by orange tones, and to highlight the color of these traditional floor tiles, a Stone Side Table is used to provide contrast to the presence of the coppery shades of the Symphony Cabinet and Equator lobe Bar. As we move forward, we arrive in a comfortable sitting area where we can see the Colleccionista Bookcase in close detail, a peculiar piece that is fully customizable with dozens of different materials and finishes to fit any décor style. This iteration features hand-painted tiles, brass, colorful triangles and Koi scales. A couple of Erosion Stools bring the bookcase’s eccentricity down to earth.

Cococo Restaurant – St. Petersburg

In this interior architecture project, Boca do Lobo partnered with BRABBU and the two luxury brands went to St. Petersburg to give the COCOCO Restaurant a whole new look. Amongst a wide range of colors, shapes, textures and fine materials, the two luxury brands created a very special ambiance that embodies the essence of the city of St. Petersburg and gives guests a unique luxury dining experience. Above we can see our Coleccionista Bookcase serving as a backdrop and a Marie Antoinette mirror exuding its quintessential class. interior architecture boca do lobo interior architecture boca do lobo On the other end of the restaurant, we can see a Root Mirror above a custom Heritage Sideboard, that traded its traditional blue Portuguese motifs in favor of a more eastern flavor to meet the client’s requirements of a Russian-inspired restaurant. The interior architecture on this side of the room is finished with a Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo that conveys that renaissance palatial feel to the whole design. See also: Adriana Nicolau, An Interior Designer With A Sophistication Flair Free ebook new products

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