Discover the Outstanding Filigree Jewelry Case by Boca do Lobo

The art of filigree was born during the Roman period and it was passed down through generations of skilled medieval jewelers, often emulating the work of the Byzantine goldsmiths of Constantinople, embellished crosses, reliquaries and the covers of Bibles.

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Later, the filigree became very popular in the French fashion world from the 60’s until today. And actually, countries such as India, Italy, and of course, Portugal, have been treasuring it. Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless brilliant examples of this remarkable technique. Everything You Need To Know About Filigree Jewelry Case by Boca do Lobo
“When crafting a piece, the end result is always different, each piece is unique. It is hand-crafted work, a work of love”

Filigree Technique

Filigree is the most delicate technique used to work precious metals, usually of gold and silver. It is an age-old and detailed jewelry expression in which skilled artisans painstakingly solder tiny beads and twisted threads to create striking artistic motifs, suggesting often an exquisite and intricate lace-like pattern. The fine wire elements are soldered together to create small and rich accessories, usually jewelry pieces such as rings and necklaces, but in a bold, and certainly unexpected move, Boca do Lobo has been mastering the art turning it into upscale masterpieces.
“It takes thousands of attempts to get right and the threads can be as thin as a hair. The way the material is bend will never be the same, the threads can bend a little bit more or a little bit less, machines can’t do this.”
In the old days there were around 120 artisans, and in less than ten years there are only 12 filigree artists in Portugal. There are a lot of items conceived by machines naming it as filigree, but then there are things that engines will never be able to do.

Filigree Jewelry Case by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese famous brand of design and hyper-luxury design who always give emotional experiences with the creation of beautiful pieces, have made a sleek and unique jewelry box made with this handcrafted technique: Filigree’s Jewelry Case by Boca do Lobo is a stunning safe, made by the hand’s of skillful jewelers to create the most artistic motifs. Some of the most enchanting pieces of jewelry in the world are made using this ancient technique and deserve to be guarded in the most perfect jewelry case there is – a true celebration of hyper refinement and luxury. A handcrafted contemporary piece made from the finest materials and with the most luxurious finishes can be a perfect and luxurious gift to give to someone special.

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