16 Instagram Profiles That Will Lift Up Your Design Mood

With some free time on your hands, it’s time to liven up your mood and give your self some eye candy. Since the world now needs you to stay at home, it’s a great opportunity to search for some design inspirations, whether it be from top home brands or perhaps, Instagram Profiles are more up your alley!

So, if you’re actively seeking inspiration for a space of your own or simply want to enjoy good design for the sake of it, these sixteen Instagram profiles are bound to enliven any feed.

Ashley Stark Kenner

Ashley Stark-Kenner is the Sr. Vice President of Design of Stark, a luxury design brand that specialises in residential and hospitality carpeting projects. But her Instagram Profile is so much more than that, as she brings her fashion-forward vision while maintaining classic Stark staples. Her unique style and eye for the eclectic are present in her vision.

Hundred Edition

The Hundred Edition as one mission and one mission only: to showcase the best-curated selections of interior designers, product, experiences, and everything that falls into the luxury design world. With exclusive content, interviews and all the latest inspirations, this definitely a must-follow!

Avant Arte

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We rise ✨ by @koketit #shirabarzilay

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Christian Luiten and Curtis Penning launched Avant Arte in 2015 as a digital outlet for their personal journey in the world of arts. While casually pursuing the Picassos of our time, the platform quickly gained a large following and created a community from Charleston to Teheran. Avant Arte is comprised of curators, designers, and developers working on online and offline with bespoke initiatives that empower the new art collector and help artists to reach the right audience.

Boca do Lobo

With more than 156K followers at the time of this post, Boca do Lobo‘s Instagram profile is a great source of design inspiration! Not only does it showcase the brand’s latest projects and products it also brings behind the scene looks into the production process. Truly Instagram’s most glamorous account.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Home to functional art and collectable design, there is hardly any other Instagram profile that presents such curated content as this. Carpenters Workshop Gallery produces and exhibits functional art by international artists or designers, both rising and established, going outside their traditional territories of expression. All of that and more (perhaps some behind the scene sneak peeks?) can be found on their account.

Greg Natale

For as long as he can remember, Greg Natale has been passionate about interior design. The multi-award-winning interior designer has become known for his masterly use of pattern and colour, and his bold application of both in creating tailored, glamorous and sophisticated spaces. His Instagram profile brings to the web those same colours and patterns. It will certainly give a new look to your feed.

Home Décor Ideas

Of course, no list of Instagram profiles would be complete without the magnificent Home Decor Ideas account! Updated with their articles via posts and stories, it’s another way of always having your interior design news closer to you.

India Mahdavi

Tehran-born India Mahdavi’s all-pink design for London’s Sketch restaurant has been called the most Instagrammable restaurant in the world. The architect and designer—who founded her studio in 1999—is known as the reigning queen of colour, and her Instagram Profile features previews of her latest projects plus the settings (and hues) that inspire her.


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Console Tables Boca do Lobo



Qwerky, out of the box, artsy and most of all modern, are all great ways to describe I LOBO YOU’s account. A fun way to always be updated with the latest news and inspirations about art, design, contemporary art, design galleries and art installations, it’s definitely a novelty Instagram profile you need on your feed.


Kelly Wearstler

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CLASS IN SESSION. What an absolute honor to be the first interior designer to teach a @masterclass.  It has been a dream come true to create this class with the desire to inspire others with a shared love for design to be creative, find their own voice and follow their passion.  Through the lens of my own experiences and projects I hope to take the mystery out of interior design and share the fundamentals of creating spaces that allow for beauty and functionality to coexist. Good design is such an important part of everyone’s lives and in my class I teach you what to consider before starting a project big or small…from selecting a paint color and renovating a room in your home to your first client commission. I also invite you into my home and studio, show you how I live and work, and take you on-site to a few current projects.  It is so exciting to be in the company of such an incredible roster of MasterClass instructors and offer a source of inspiration that will help inspire others on their own design journeys especially while we are all together at home.  Follow the link in my bio to get started. This is my MasterClass! xk

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A name that needs no introduction in interior design, Kelly work speaks for itself. From new product launches to some snippets from her own private life, and even some everyday elements that bring her joy her Instagram profile brings joy to her online following. Now, and keeping up with the current events, Wearstler is one step ahead: the award-winning designer takes you behind the scenes to demystify interior design, with her online Master Class.

Me & My Bentley

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Perriand x Moullie x Royère. #meandmybentley

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The Sydney based Instagram profile describes itself as “addicted to aesthetics” and “devoted to design” and we can attest to that. Not limiting themselves to just interior design, it explores all that is exclusive and luxurious. A true purveyor of taste.


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Hi all! At MyDomaine, we are learning to navigate through these uncertain times by taking each day as it comes. We love providing beautiful inspiration through our photos, but we want to make sure that we are being thoughtful and sensitive to all of our followers, so our question is: What would you like to see more of on MyDomaine at this moment? ⁣ ⁣ Our goal is to provide peace and comfort during these trying times, and if that means posting beautiful imagery of interior design to give you a mental break, we are happy to do that. And if peace and comfort right now means posting less, we understand and respect your desire for that. Please let us know in the comments below. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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When they’re not at their desks writing exclusive content, they’re discovering the next big things by meeting with top interior designers, connecting with the heads of your favourite brands, attending leading design events, and joining forces with industry authorities—all to bring you original news, breakout trends, practical tips, and inspiration within the home and design space.

Pierre Yovanovitch

With an upwards of 170K followers, Pierre Yovanovitch’s social media presence is nothing short of impressive—and it’s easy to see why: The way his work blends minimalist interiors with exciting textures and blue-chip works of art is the essence of modern luxury.

Ryan Korban

A familiar name to those in the fashion world, Ryan Korban is known for creating environments for designers like Balenciaga, Altuzarra, and Alexander Wang. Sleek and modern, his signature style shines through in his interior pieces for his namesake brand, Korban, as well as in his first real estate development, 40 Bleecker. Contemporary seduction in one Instagram profile.

Suzanne Kasler

Inspired by architecture, art, fashion, and travel, Suzanne Kasler designs spaces and products that are luminous, distinctive, and timeless. Suzanne’s designs always reference the past but move towards the future with an edited and discerning eye on the present. Mixing the high and the low, traditional and contemporary, the new and the old — creating signature interiors and products that convey sophisticated simplicity. Her Instagram Profile inspires everyone to live a more beautiful, stylish, and authentic life.

Vogue Living

As the official Instagram profile for Vogue Living, only excellence can be expected from this account, and it most surely delivers! Featuring snippets and photos of their magazine contents, your just one swipe (or one click) away from immersing yourself into their interior design projects, home designs and overall design inspirations.

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