Maison Valentina by Boca do Lobo – A Luxury Bathroom Experience

Cross-design has proved to be a powerful tool in the furniture and interiors industry, with several brands and studios benefitting from imagery and aesthetic languages built by others. There are many examples that pop straight into mind, such as the Luxury Living Group of brands, or other ventures such as Jean Paul Gaultier for praised and Parisian Lélievre fabrics. The missioon behind Maison Valentina, a Luxury Bathroom experience, started with market research and simple design exercises, essential to the beginning staged of most projects which aim at success. A clear niche in the market for luxury bathroom pieces and accessories certainly lit a spark within Boca do Lobo’s design team, as applying the brand’s elements and language to a completely different application and product type would be a true challenge.

Luxury Bathroom

“There’s nothing quite like Boca do Lobo, especially when it comes to bathroom pieces. We thought – Perfect! Let”s create something unique, and tastefully crazy.”
Marco Costa, head designer

Having said that, none of the designers of craftsmen had any clue of what they were getting into. The idea of morphing existing designs towards the bathroom is, on paper, a brilliant idea. Dialling materials, manufacturing and marketing on the other hand, proved a little trickier.

It goes without saying that, Boca do Lobo’s design carries inherent value, that works across a variety of categories, year in, year out. Here are some of the icons re-adapted:


Luxury Bathroom


A Boca do Lobo classic, the Diamond line has found applications in a variety of product categories. Eternally classic, it works exceptionally well in the black and gold combination. Curiously, the diamond bathtub requires tooling specifically designed for it, as carving into solid granite of such proportions requires specialized machinery.


Luxury Bathroom


Featuring a classic shaped tub, and individual feet, the Newton fuses an atomical, and almost gravity defying look, with a long lasting design language. A true design experience for those with discerning taste.


Luxury Bathroom

A serious design favourite, that mixes geometric and organic lines, as well as marble and brass in terms of materials. Time-lasting design with unmatched quality.


Luxury Bathroom

Boca do Lobo’s Symphony line re-visits sobering and trully eternal lines, with the brass tube structure drawing inspiration from church organs. Simple and elegant.

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