Fuorisalone Award 2024: Celebrating Milan Design Week

As Milan Design Week draws closer, anticipation grows for one of its most prestigious events: the Fuorisalone Award. The Fuorisalone Award is a distinction granted during Milan Design Week to recognize the most outstanding events and the most memorable installations presented during the event.


This year, the Fuorisalone Prize aims to highlight and promote not only the most outstanding installations presented in Milan, but also relevant projects, activities and content of interest to the international design community, including Special Mentions. A new addition to the 2024 edition is the Special Mention for Media Partners, designed to value and honour Fuorisalone. It’s media collaborations.

Fuorisalone Award 2024: Celebrating Milan Design Week

The Fuorisalone Award will honor the 16 most memorable installations/events of the 2024 edition, selected by the Fuorisalone.it editorial team. Emphasizing a strongly democratic approach, the prize is determined through direct public voting. Through a dedicated section on the Fuorisalone.it platform, the public will have the opportunity to find out more about the competing installations (via links to their respective event pages) and vote for their favorite, thus helping to determine the most compelling events and installations of Fuorisalone.

Fuorisalone Award 2024: Celebrating Milan Design Week

Source: Fuorisalone 2023 winner – SolidNature Beyond the surface

A joint effort by a technical committee, made up of professionals from the sector and the editorial staff of Fuorisalone.it, favors content that is relevant to the project and design sector, qualitatively innovative and rich in meaning.

The Special Mentions support the value of Design Culture, which is not necessarily expressed only in its physical and aesthetic appearance.

The selected projects compete for four Special Mentions in the categories:

Fuorisalone Award 2024: Celebrating Milan Design Week

Interaction– Projects that demonstrate a special ability to create an immersive experience, capable of stimulating the senses and actively involving the audience.

Sustainability– Projects that shape not only virtuous processes and products with a low environmental impact. Sustainability as a means of imagining new solutions for the future.

Communication– Projects that produce a clear and immediate communication concept, adopting an inclusive language that embraces human diversity.

Technology– Innovative projects that restore the balance between man and his environment. The use of technology as a central factor in protecting the planet.

As Fuorisalone Award 2024 unfolds, it promises to be a celebration of design excellence, innovation and creativity, reinforcing Milan’s position as a global center of design inspiration and ingenuity. From revolutionary installations to exciting projects, the Fuorisalone Award continues to be a beacon of recognition and appreciation for the dynamic and ever-evolving world of design.

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Written by: Ana Rita Ferreira


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