A Modern Living Room With a Classic Style by Murillo Paoli

Murillo Paoli has created a lively and irreverent modern living room in an open space, which is a wonderful treat for true luxury design aficionados based on the diversity of tones and styles. With a modern classic style, mixing simplicity with sumptuousness, and grandeur with comfort, via a unique and meditative setting!

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Discover This Modern Living Room by Murillo Paoli

This modern living room, with a strong presence of Boca do Lobo, has a contemporary and classic design that awakens the most modern appeal of this environment.

With a more classic approach, but still opulentHeritage Sideboard, by Boca do Lobo, is the most iconic piece, and one of the most inspiring, due to the legacy of Portuguese Azulejos it carries, in addition to two maximalist gilts and galvanizing portraits, such as Newton Chandelier and Glance Mirror, thus composing a magnificent and representative trio of the brand.



The Heritage Sideboard is a magnificent journey through the Portuguese legacy. Covered in Azulejos, traditional hand-painted tiles and one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture, the architectural sideboard portrays different scenes from the country’s Discoveries era

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A statement sideboard, the Heritage can take center stage in the most elegant rooms since its back is also fully hand-painted. 


The concept of a defragmented statement mirror brings out its noblest gold backdrop meticulously handcrafted by the most skilled goldsmiths. A contemporary wall mirror with a gold accent for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms.

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From stylish bedrooms to upscale halls or living rooms. The unique beauty of this round mirror comes from daring to risk and challenge conventional design through the finest craftsmanship.


We take great pride in designing modern luxury pieces, working with special materials using artisan techniques.

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The Newton chandelier is a unique handcrafted piece that reflects the best of Portuguese metalwork, authenticating Boca do Lobo’s core values and ethos.

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This modern living room is the perfect combination of luxury and well-being, in one singular place!

As the main highlight, the Pierra Round Estremoz dining table, designed by Boca do Lobo, rich in marble, delivering even greater elegance without ever losing the cosiness.


Playing with function and sculptural form, the Pietra dining table shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura and finest Estremoz white marble

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Reminding of the renaissance era, its round top gently lies in one robust marble column, conceived from a solid block hand-sculpted and turned to create different details for additional texture

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