Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

Dubai has some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world. Having a meal never felt so exclusive in this amazing city, find out the best luxury restaurants, and embrace Dubai’s exclusive lifestyle.


Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

Zuma is a luxury restaurant located in the international financial center, in the heart of Dubai. Enjoying a contemporary Japanese meal never felt so exclusive, especially since you will be in the vicinity of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. This luxury restaurant interior design is trendy and chic, and its exclusive bar is well-stocked with a range of grape and mixed drinks. This amazing luxury restaurant in Dubai will give you a truly amazing and different experience, and this mix of cultures truly embraces an exclusive lifestyle.

Indego by Vineet

Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

This luxury restaurant is all about minimalist opulence. Indego by Vineet brings Indian cuisine to life and this restaurant excels at it. This exclusive restaurant has an impeccable blend of traditional spices and gourmet presentations in its courses. Be amazed by the restaurant’s amazing dishes while appreciating its luxurious interior design. It’s a truly remarkable dining experience in Dubai.

Bombay Brasserie

Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

Taj Dubai’s signature luxury restaurantBombay Brasserie is a harmonious union between classic and contemporary. This luxury restaurant promises culinary drama, authenticity, and innovation with its kitchen, dynamic oversized artwork, and botanical bar concept. The vivid and exclusive design combined with low-level, atmospheric lighting creates a charmingly sophisticated experience for anyone who wishes to embrace Dubai’s exclusive lifestyle.

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Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

This luxury restaurant uses long-established cooking methods, signature ingredients, and traditional family recipes to recreate the authentic flavors of India, Armani/Amal is a phenomenal luxury and exclusive restaurant for Indian food. With its inspiring interior design and sublime views of Downtown Dubai, a meal at this designer restaurant is a truly luxurious experience.


This luxury restaurant is located at Palace Downtown Dubai. Thiptara exclusive diners offer exemplary Thai cuisine with a focus on Bangkok-style seafood. This elegant restaurant overlooks the Dubai Fountain, making it one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. Thiptara’s chef de cuisine has created a menu that pays tribute to Thai culinary traditions; expect a range of fresh, flavorful dishes that cover a spectrum of the nation’s signature recipes while you can appreciate its elegant interior design.

Buddha-Bar Dubai

Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

This luxury restaurant is considered one of the best venues in Dubai. The exclusive Buddha-Bar is located in the Grosvenor House Hotel and is named after the giant Buddha statue that watches over this lavish setting. This luxury restaurant is famed for its unique food, eclectic atmosphere, and ambient music from an on-site DJ. This exclusive restaurant serves a fusion of sushi, Chinese and Thai food, with a bar that plays host to Dubai’s stylish and exclusive crowds.

Nathan Outlaw

Dubai Exclusive Lifestyle: Best Luxury Restaurants

Nathan Outlaw is a luxury restaurant with a laid-back approach to seafood and is one of the best places to eat in Dubai. The restaurant’s amazing interior design will embrace you and make you in the ocean’s heart. It is an extraordinary and exclusive experience dining within the vast aquarium that sets the scene for Nathan Outlaw Al Mahara. The Michelin-starred British chef’s dishes emphasize the power of simplicity while the flavors of the finest ingredients speak for themselves. This luxury restaurant will certainly give you a special experience while it embraces a nautic and luxury lifestyle.

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