Inside Torel Palace Lisbon: New Area With Boca do Lobo

The Boutique Hotel Torel Palace Lisbon is ready to captivate guests with its new area filled with exquisite pieces from Boca do Lobo. Situated right in the heart of Lisbon and opened in 2013, the luxury boutique hotel celebrated its 10th anniversary with the inauguration of ten more rooms and a new bar.

The Torel Boutiques Group, known for its excellence in hospitality, aims to ensure an even more fantastic visit for each guest with these new additions, providing a unique and intimate experience.

With its new area featuring Boca do Lobo pieces, the Boutique Hotel pays tribute to beauty and luxury, where guests can relax in a unique experience and an ambience that combines the best of avant-garde design with tradition and refinement.

The hotel’s rooms and suites are true havens of comfort and luxury, each meticulously decorated with attention to detail. Each piece in the hotel is a work of art in itself, with elaborate designs and high-quality materials that reflect taste and design excellence.

From the elegant coffee tables to the impressive dining area, the new area of this hotel is filled with sophistication and elegance.

With its sublime and exclusive atmosphere, Torel Palace Lisbon is the perfect hotel for all tourists who come to discover beautiful Lisbon and even for city dwellers looking to escape the urban routine.

Visit Torel Palace Lisbon & get mesmerized by Boca do Lobo’s pieces!

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