Luxury Furniture Design Featuring The Art Of Hand-Painted Tiles

Boca do Lobo never ceases to amaze in the world of luxury furniture design, while at the same time, always making sure it pays tribute to its cultural heritage. This time, the furniture brand has once again used the ancient technique of hand-painted tiles, to transform already iconic designs, into timeless pieces of art.

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Luxury Furniture Designs Featuring The Art Of Hand-Painted Tiles

The Boca do Lobo’s Heritage Collection is born as a tribute to the Portuguese history of architecture where the traditional craft of “azulejos” (tiles) is applied. The art of painting tiles is one of the most representative ones from Portugal honouring this amazing and traditional art, proudly passing on history and patrimony. For 2021, the brand created some new pieces to complete this remarkable design family.


Luxury Furniture Designs Featuring The Art Of Hand-Painted Tiles

Tiles appeared in Portugal under the Moorish people in the XV century. Although there are many people who claimed the word is a derivation of “Azul”, the Portuguese word for “blue”, the word is originally Arabic and comes from az-zulayj, translated as “polished stone”.


Luxury Furniture Designs Featuring The Art Of Hand-Painted Tiles

Reflecting hundreds of years of tradition, usually portraying scenes from Portuguese history or its fabulous sights, tiles are the star of some iconic pieces from Boca do Lobo.

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In a remarkable year, the design team presents new furniture designs. Giving colour to the iconic Boca do Lobo’s Lapiaz Console, Lapiaz Tiles is born from exceptional craftsmanship and takes design to a new realm. This contemporary console is masterfully covered by traditional hand-painted tiles, combined with its organic feature achieved through the manual fitting of the polished brass sheet.


A statement sideboard, the Heritage can take center stage in the most elegant rooms since its back is also fully hand-painted.


Heritage Collection honours tradition, tells the history and elevates any iconic design, taking ancient techniques and exceptional craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Luxury Furniture Designs Featuring The Art Of Hand-Painted Tiles



To elevate every living room design, Boca do Lobo created Lapiaz Tiles Center Table. Conceived in three modules for unexpected combinations, this statement centre table stars tiles, giving the main role to this traditional form of art, when combining it with gold.

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