Riyadh Exclusive Lifestyle: Luxury Living Room Design Projects

Be inspired by some of the best luxury living room design projects in Riyadh and embrace the city’s exclusive lifestyle. These interior design projects will certainly give you some brilliant ideas for your exclusive home.

FN Design

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FN Design is one of the most prolific interior design companies in Riyadh, The studio focus on creating residential interiors, such as Chalet, a  luxury house in Riyadh. For this project, this luxury living room was designed with a modern style and western taste. This living room transpires simple yet luxurious elegance, perfectly fitted for an exclusive lifestyle.


IDEGREE Design specializes not only in the commercial field but also in the residential. This luxury living room in Riyadh gives a cozy yet luxurious feeling to the hosts and guests alike. This living room was elegantly furnished, creating one of the best Saudi Arabia house design projects by the studio.

Yasmin Interiors

Yasmin Interiors designed this luxury living room located in Riyadh and it’s perfect for informal gatherings with friends and family. The marble wall, the fireplace to add warmth, and an art piece that reflects the gold and black color scheme of the room are key for the interior design of this amazing living room.  Flower stands adorn both sides of the big wall to bring a touch of nature indoors and it will certainly give a unique feeling to those inside this luxury living room.

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Comelite Architecture

This luxury living room is a combination of modern features with traditional elements setting for a contrasting look. In this amazing living room, you will feel like you are at an actual palace as every architectural and decoration detail is seamless. From dramatic furniture pieces to the presence of detailed gold and crystal accents, this luxury living room will certainly make you feel like a king.

Yasmin Interiors

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In this luxury living room, lighting is critical and it sets the ambiance perfectly. Yasmin Interiors used light strategically to create a luxurious look in the majlis. As well as the beautiful downlighters in the partition and shelves, this luxurious living room has a fireplace to add warmth and a cozy feel to it. Elegant and exclusive, this luxury living room will certainly inspire you.

4A Architects

This luxury living room designed by 4A Architects is the greeting card of this house, with its colorful mood popping up at the first impression. 4A found its inspiration in art, mixing the strike match of black and white, with blue and yellow, in specific and strategic points. An amazing interior design project that will make feel anyone welcome.

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