6 Luxury Decor Inspirations For Your Modern Home

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When it comes to your Luxury Decor you have many options worldwide. But the secret for perfect luxury decor is the knowledge about mixing design and quality! So if you consider yourself a creative person we leave you with five amazing luxury decor inspirations that can provide a sophisticated style.

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Looking for a high-end piece of design furniture to include a stunning detail to a living room? Let us present the amazing Newton console table. This contemporary piece has a very powerful design that is completed with high-quality materials.

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The sumptuous Wave Gold coffee table helps create a modern luxury luxurious living area with strong accents of gold and a very unique metal design.

The contemporary Trinity console is just as unique as this hall decor! With amazing details and a very modern style, the trinity console elevates any modern decor and can be placed in any setting!

The Versailles Sofa is a statement piece of luxury design and opulence. It’s a bright design piece that works on so many levels and elevates any room to a new dimension. It’s the perfect sofa for that contemporary room that needs an extravagant design piece. This one is perfect, after all, is inspired by the amazing style of the Palace of Versailles.

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Do you feel inspired by this amazing reading corner? A luxury detail in a modern home where you can read and/or relax in style. You’ll be illuminated by the amazing Skyscraper floor lamp that brings a touch of original and exquisite design to your home.

Black, Gold,White and Silver! A rainbow of luxury and opulent tones transform this living room into a stunning example of luxury design. In this amazing room, we highlight the incredible Metamorphosis Coffee Table.



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