Are You Going To Renovate Your Dining Room? Here Are 6 Inspirations For You!

Imperfectio Sofa Boca do Lobo

Are you looking to revamp your dining room? Let us present you 6 inspiring dining room looks where you can enjoy a fine dining experience, feeling like you’re at a luxury restaurant!


Compose only with exclusive furniture pieces, this modern dining room takes neutral tones and elegance to the very next level. The Empire dining table (poplar root finished) from Boca do Lobo symbolizes generations of gatherings and decisions, both in times of celebration or tension.

A modern dining room inside a mansion in Saint Petersburg portrays a powerful aesthetic, mixed perfectly with contemporary design! It is filled with bespoke and handcrafted pieces from Boca do Lobo, such as the Supernova chandeliers, Glance mirror, Metamorphosis dining table, and Soleil chairs.

Angra Sideboard

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The Supernova Chandelier by Boca do Lobo was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star, and this piece truly shines in this modern dining room. Dark tones bring a mysterious and moody vibe to this interior, combined with golden details, that keep the level of sophistication really high!

Luxurious and contemporary: that’s how we would describe this amazing setting! The blue Diamond Sideboard, Lapiaz Mirror, and Hera Suspension Lamp compose this beautiful hall, which would be a great complement to any modern dining room!

Console Tables Boca do Lobo

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A luxury kitchen inside a multimillion-dollar penthouse, that reflects the owner’s love for collectible design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time. This room embraces the glamorous aesthetic of the rest of the home just flawlessly.

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Marble dining tables are a great way to upgrade any modern dining room, this fine material has been used for centuries as a sign of richness. The Pietra dining table from Boca do Lobo shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura and finest Nero Marquina black marble.

Stay with us and discover more Inspirations for your Dining Rooms!

Supernova Sconces Boca do Lobo

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