Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

The Art Deco interior style began a design movement during the Great Depression. Ironically, in this period around the 1920s amidst an economic slowdown, the Art Deco style of interiors and architecture propagated thanks to its progressive admirers. They embraced Art Deco for its exemplified luxury that highlighted organising design principles and sleek geometry. Today, Boca do Lobo Blog bring you an amazing Master Bedroom with Art Deco Design. Let’s see!

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Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

What are the characteristics of Art Deco?
  • Geometric patterns: angular lines, bold vertical lines and perfect symmetry
  • Generously sized furniture: large-sized furniture that looks lavish with ample space is often a part of Art Deco designs
  • Recycled products: there is a mix of metals such as brass and stainless steel and even glass with timber or marble

The colours used for Art Deco
  • A combination of white, black and grey
  • Contrasting colours such as pink and blue, black and silver, green and golden
  • Catchy and bright tiles
  • A touch of subtleness with shades of cream

Art Deco emits a modern-day charm in the Master Bedroom interiors

How to create this elegant Master Bedroom Decor?

Bold Geometry

Art Deco is known for precise and clean lines, geometric shapes, and symmetrical decorations. You can use this geometry in your bedroom to create flow and style.

Fancy headboard

The Art Deco movement made the bed the centrepiece of bedrooms, and there’s no better way to do this yourself than with a fancy headboard.

Look for a headboard that has geometric patterns, clean lines, and plush cushioning. A diamond-quilted headboard is a good choice, or you can go for something lavish with straight lines to create a geometric flow.

Lapiaz Headboard
Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom
Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If there’s one quintessential thing about Art Deco style, it’s an ornamental or decorative mirror. We adore Art Deco mirrors because they are timeless centrepieces. They never go out of fashion and set the Art Deco theme for bedrooms.

Another geometric style Art Deco is known for is Streamline Moderne, which emphasises curving forms and horizontal lines. Streamline Moderne came later in the Art Deco period, offering lavish ornamentation and bold colours.

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Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

Art Deco colours

Art Deco colour schemes had two contrasting colourways: warm tans and pale shades of green, blue, and pink, with ornamental features in gold or silver, and bold, bright colours to highlight features, patterns, and lines.

Gold and silver ornamentation

Whether it’s a wall clock, desk clock, picture frame, lamp, or jewellery box, Art Deco calls for gold and silver ornamentation.

In Art Deco, gold and silver offer a sense of style rather than a sense of luxury.

Symphony Nightstand
Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom
Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

Look for decor and furnishings that are finished in gold and silver in exciting ways, using geometry as your guide to create a bedroom that flows.

Go glam with lighting

One of the most valuable things to come from the Art Deco movement was the importance of lighting and how it affects ambience. The Art Deco movement made lighting a fundamental part of interior design, and you can do the same in your bedroom.

Go glam with lighting with Art Deco-inspired fixtures, and don’t be afraid to install spotlights and wall lights that will highlight areas of your bedroom.

Will You Adopt Art Deco Design In Your Master Bedroom?

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Art Deco Design: Discover This Amazing Master Bedroom

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