10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger

Despite small homes are extremely comfortable and charming they can be quite challenging to decorate. There’s so tiny amount of area and you need to pull together sofas, tables, chairs, storage…the list just goes on. From rooms that are hardly big enough to fit a bed, to living rooms that need to include a dining area and home office, here are several decor tips that can make your house look a little bigger without having to exclude anything significant.

A tiny space doesn’t mean you have to be crowded. Take a look at these 10 Home Decor Tips and create a more open living space for your family and friends.


Make sure you have enough natural lighting

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Include large windows all around your living room, natural lighting instantly opens up any space and provides a modern look at the same time.


Use raised sofas and armchairsdecor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger 2

Opt for sofas and armchairs that are raised on legs, which creates a sense of light and space.


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Go for wall-to-wall bookcasesdecor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger 3

Unlike the old rule that small furniture is the only way to go in a small house, using a wall-to-wall bookcase in your home decor will expand the way your high ceiling looks and at the same time provide a great amount of storage.


Use neutral colorsdecor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger 4

Use bright and neutral colors like white, grey and beige, they give the illusion of a bigger and more organized space. There’s no wonder why the minimalist design has become a huge trend.


Include mirrorsdecor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger 1 1

Mirrors are a key element to any home decor in our humble opinion, but they sure are much more essential in a small house. The reflection will expand your space visually.


Paint your ceiling with a bright colordecor tips decor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger living room exquisite false ceiling modern interior design inside ceiling interior combined 1024x768

Using a bright color for your ceiling will drive they eye upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. Green is a huge design trend this season, why not?


Hang Artworkdecor tips decor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger soho black console boca do lobo

A smaller house doesn’t mean it can’t have a little drama. Artwork can make any room feel more luxurious and bigger in the process. If you have space for artwork, you sure must have space for everything right?


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Space It Out

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Shoving furniture against the wall doesn’t guarantee a larger room. Try angling your bed or our favorite trick of floating the sofa in the living room with a skinny console behind it. Breathing room around your furniture lends the appearance of more space.


Fold It Up

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Dining tables that are small or that have drop leaves, which allow it to become smaller when not in use are ideal for small areas, meaning you can make the most of your eating-slash-living area.


Use a Statment Piecedecor tips decor tips 10 Decor Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger heritage sideboard

It’s easy to assume that you should decorate a small space with small furniture, right? But one prominent furniture piece such as a statement armchair will keep the space uncluttered and open.


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  1. My fiance and I just moved into a new house and we want to buy home decor items that we found online but we want some decorating tips before we do so. I like what you said about using neutral colors to create an organized space as well as the illusion of a bigger space. This makes a lot of sense and will be something we keep in mind as we go forward.

  2. I’m about to renovate my house, so I was looking for some ideas. Your post is really helpful to me for the same. I loved your idea of using neutral colors and that wall book-case is really looking good.

  3. Your tips are perfect since we are aiming to have a spacious type of look for our new home just like Japanese homes do. We’re just about to go and purchase some decor for our home so your advice is quite timely. I liked that you mentioned how statement pieces can give an uncluttered and open look to a home without the need for them to be little. Thanks for some advice as to how we can use decor to make our home look bigger!

  4. I think that what you had to say here about making your home seem much bigger than it actually is by your usage of mirrors and natural light was absolutely ingenious. Just as you mentioned, having large windows and mirrors all around your living room can open up any space and provide a more modern look at the same time. My wife and I are looking to redo the interior design in our little home, and I think that we can really change the identity of the home by abiding by your ideas. Thanks again for the help!

  5. I loved the use of neutral colors in your pictures. It will greatly transform my house into something beautiful and i think it will look simply elegant. Thanks for this share!

  6. Thanks for the tip on choosing unique decor items to reflect my personality. Such a great tip!
    really about wall painting and book book shelf. that was really natural.
    thanks again. really nice

  7. Awesome blog!! I was searching for such information from long time. That unique furniture piece idea is really wonderful. I will surely look for some DIY to make such art from my furniture leftovers. Thank you for such wonderful tips.

  8. All the tip are super amazing. Which I like most is the last image showing the head of Deer and blue kind of curtains are way too impressive. Loved it!!!

    Keep sharing

  9. I really love that green velvet chair shown in one of the pictures here. The way it contrasts against a more black and white room really helps it pop. Something like this would look great in my living room.

  10. It was good that I came across this article because I learned that one of the best ways to enhance and expand the look of the space is by adding reflective decor like mirrors. It was good to hear about that because I am planning to get the house redecorated next month. I am planning to add a few things that will make the house look bigger. At least, now I know a few things to help me. Thank you!

  11. These are some great home decor tips. I love how you said that chairs raised up on legs will make a space look bigger. We are hoping to make our living room look bigger, so we’ll have to try some of these.

  12. My husband and I bought a smaller home, and I really want to make the rooms feel larger than they actually are. Thank you for all the tips on how I can do that. I really like your tip about spacing furniture out. It is true that shoving furniture against the walls doesn’t guarantee a larger room.

  13. I do appreciate it when you said that artwork can be added to any room no matter how small it is and it can actually help make the place look luxurious and larger. I guess now I know one of the things that I will include in the list. My bedroom looks rather small, and so I was struggling with the decor options. At least now, I have an idea of what I can use that will help. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Hello, brilliant style thoughts for making a greater look! I am stunned here with every one of the plans you have made. Thanks for this useful post

  15. I really like your tip about how a wall-to-wall bookcase can expand the way my high ceiling looks. My wife just finished her law degree. I’m thinking of getting her a bookcase like the one picture to celebrate, and I hope I can find an online home decor shop that has something that can complement our space’s color palette. This can really make our home office look bigger than it actually is. Thanks for this really helpful collection of tips on making your space look bigger!

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