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Barcelona is a vibrant, beautiful city, filled with life and beautiful lights that illuminate the cold nights. With such vibrance and life, one can expect the city’s interiors to be as dazzling as its exteriors, so, if you need inspiration regarding your own interior design, follow along as we list the top 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona.

A&B Curated

A&B Curated are interior designers that approach each project through an individualized lens that can completely transmit the personality and lifestyle of each client. Their trademark look is based on a combination of their love for surrounding art, antiques, and one-off pieces. Creativity and inspiration in life make them unparalleled.

Adela Cabre Interiorismo

Adela Cabre is the creator of this incredible studio of interior designers, that not only has a clear vision but also works closely with its clients to achieve fantastic final projects. Trust is key in the minds of the working hands behind this studio.

Andrés Reisinger

top interior designers barcelona interior designers 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona andresbarcelonadesigner

Andrés Reisinger is an interior designer that merges contemporary culture and his own experience with the world. This is one of the most artistic interior designers to date, with a fantastic team behind his back, you can count on him to bring to life luxurious projects with the most exquisite furniture.

Bloomint Design

These interior designers established an international design studio, in Barcelona, bringing to the forefront projects with bold identities based on multicultural experiences. They focus on creating close relationships with their clients so that they can truly translate all the client’s feelings and emotions into a fantastic piece of interior design.

Coblonal Interior Design

top interior designers barcelona interior designers 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona top designers barcelona coblonal2 683x1024

This team of interior designers gives a great deal of importance to the distribution of space having in mind the customer’s preferences and the details on the property they’re working on. If you want a contemporary house, with luxurious bathrooms and living rooms, they will certainly deliver.

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A studio that creates, builds, and designs innovative spaces and products for brands, these interior designers are true followers of Ecodesign and have been working in the field since 2005. Sustainability and their client’s satisfaction are this company’s greater goals, allowing them to truly stand out among the rest.

El Equipo Creativo

Interior designers barcelona interior designers 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona top designers barcelona equipo

Winners of the 2019 ‘Interiors practice of the year’ awards, these designers have gathered a portfolio of incredible projects that will leave anyone in awe. Luxury, refinement and care are clearly on display in each designed interior.

Eva Martinez

This Spanish interior designer is one that dabbles in contrasts, creating an oasis of harmony and eclecticism. Visually versatile , creative and bringing an unparalleled warmness with her, Martinez’s work is impossible not to notice among other interior designers, it defiantly stands out from the rest.

Isa de Luca Interiorismo

This interior designer bases her work on client-oriented designs, with their needs in the forefront and the utmost quality guaranteed in each of the interior rooms she creates. Her efficient work creates amazing interiors that certainly stand out.

Jaime Beriestain

top interior designers barcelona interior designers 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona top interior designer barcelona

The Studio’s approach to design is specifically tailoring each project to the client’s needs, ranging from classism to contemporary luxury, the versatile nature of these interior designers will level your project with refined glamour.

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Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

Lazaro Rosa Violan

Having opened his studio in 2002, Lazaro has built himself an impressive portfolio that stands in front of a philosophy that is all about experiences provided by the space and its designer. Lazaro’s ultimate goal, placing him ahead of other interior designers, is to create unique atmospheres, something that transcends the place itself.

LF24 Arquitectura Interiorismo

LF24 is a team of interior designers that creates incredibly professional projects with the certifications of various years of experience in the field. Each project is a blank slate, and the client’s needs are the top priorities in their minds.

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Marta Prats

Simple, elegant and ready to commit to a project with the client’s needs in mind, this interior designer will give your house a contemporary update that will amaze anyone who steps inside it.

Michele Mantovani Studio

Innovative, creative, and original, this team of interior designers hears and adheres to the needs of each customer, adapting strategies and lines of work to each project that crosses their desks.


This team of interior designers aims to be a reference in the world of personalized design, with exclusiveness being one of their greatest goals as a company. Whether you want a luxurious bathroom or a small yet refined room, they will deliver with the utmost professionalism.

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Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


This studio of interior designers has 20 years of experience in how to create incredible interiors without comparison. They offer what they describe as a ‘turn-key’ service approach to design, personalizing each project to the characteristics and needs of the clients.

Sara Folch

Sara Folch has a term of interior designers by her side that specializes in following each client’s needs. From redesigns in city apartments to urban building designs, this team offers innovation and fresh perspectives to each project, concentrating on delivering beautiful and unique details that are like none other.

Susanna Cots

A designer with more than 20 years behind her belt, Cots designs spaces with the intent of creating balance and visual comfort. This interior designer hopes to create awareness, wellbeing, and mindfulness to all of her works.

Toni Lanza – Inedit

This designer takes into account the personal taste and opinion of each client, and his talent and creative work will certainly leave you breathless with such sophistication and elegance.

The Room Studio

top interior designers barcelona interior designers 20 Brilliant Interior Designers from Barcelona top designer barcelona theroom 1024x683

With more than 20 years of experience, this team of interior designers known as Los Roomers, seek to never lose focus on the essence of the place they are working on, with comfort, style, and the client’s needs in mind.

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